2012 In The Rear View Mirror And Happy New Year

All things considered, 2012 has been a good year – a very tiring year, but a pretty good year none the less. Whoever said things are clearer in rear view mirror “clearly” was not thinking about me – the past 12 months that passed me by have not left things organized for me to thinkContinue reading “2012 In The Rear View Mirror And Happy New Year”

The Price and Prize of Social

When I read my friend Howlett’s blog on social enterprise – I had plans to write something on my blog too, but that feeling passed. I am not going to make any generalizations on social – just talking about my own case here. I will come back to the social enterprise topic some time inContinue reading “The Price and Prize of Social”

Some Reflections On Blogging

As I took  time off in December, 2011 (which probably would not have happened if I did not have an enlightening set of conversations with Dennis Howlett)  – I had an opportunity to reflect on a lot of stuff.  And one of it was on my blogging.   I am a sucker for numbers (Continue reading “Some Reflections On Blogging”