IT In India Could Use Some Help – Are You In ?

I woke up this weekend to this depressing news I have worked at various SIs all my life before deciding to join SAP labs in January of this year . So this problem hit me hard – and in some way, I felt that I am responsible too somehow for this dismal situation thatContinue reading “IT In India Could Use Some Help – Are You In ?”

Insecure Middle Level Managers – Help Them !

Yesterday, I was most excited to see an email from my friend and mentee Tomas Krojzl . IBM’s CEO and her senior staff chose Tomas as one of the “Best of IBM 2013” Winners. That is a huge deal in IBM – to be one of the few picked out of 430,000+ employees. No oneContinue reading “Insecure Middle Level Managers – Help Them !”

Be Proud To Be An IT Expert – But Please Evolve !

Between Analysts, Bloggers and Software Vendors – I think a lot have been done to demoralize IT professionals already. A lot of fantastic IT people that I know have started to feel insecure and unwanted. This includes many of my friends and mentees. In the last few months – I have had innumerable conversations aboutContinue reading “Be Proud To Be An IT Expert – But Please Evolve !”

Co-innovation – It Takes Two To Tango

People who have known me for a while know that I am a big fan of co-innovating with an ecosystem. I have worked in a number of co-innovation projects in my career with varying degrees of success. And now I am in India for 3 weeks, working with a number of ecosystem partners to exploreContinue reading “Co-innovation – It Takes Two To Tango”