And Jerry Says : A Path to SUCCESS with Advanced Analytics

Folks, I am very proud and happy to have my dear friend Jerry Kurtz do a guest blog on my site. Jerry runs the Cognitive and Analytics businesses in my portfolio, and is a long time IBMer. He has been in this field for 30 years across SAP, Managed Business Process Services and Analytics andContinue reading “And Jerry Says : A Path to SUCCESS with Advanced Analytics”

IBM Watson is just fine, thank you !

Over the last couple of days, I have seen a bunch of articles on my social media feed that are based on a research report from Jefferies' James Kisner criticizing IBM Watson. I am a big fan of criticism of technology – and as folks who have known me over time can vouch, I seldomContinue reading “IBM Watson is just fine, thank you !”

10 Tips On Navigating The “Large Enterprise” 

Barring two exceptions – MongoDB and Novasoft – all my career was spent working for really big companies . And all that time my client base was “large enterprise” – companies that operate in multiple countries , have multiple divisions , make billions of dollars of revenue and employ tens or hundreds of thousands ofContinue reading “10 Tips On Navigating The “Large Enterprise” “