Thoughts on SAP Outsourcing, Part 1 – the evolution

As always, this is just my personal opinion and not that of my present or past employers. I need to do this in a few installments – starting with how outsourcing of SAP evolved in front of my eyes, and then some common problems, easy and difficult solutions and a reality check . As manyContinue reading “Thoughts on SAP Outsourcing, Part 1 – the evolution”

SAP Teched 2011,Bangalore – Big stage, Big expectations

SAP Teched Bangalore has already  kicked off with the innojam on mobility theme. I am not there in person, but several friends are, and I am getting near real time updates 🙂 . I was seriously thrilled to see that SAP expects more than 10000 people to show up for the event. I am guessingContinue reading “SAP Teched 2011,Bangalore – Big stage, Big expectations”

SAP HANA vs ORACLE Exalytics – My initial thoughts

I was in Dallas this week for some training, when ORACLE announced Exalytics. Here are my initial thoughts for whatever they are worth. 1.  In terms of vision – I think SAP scores.  SAP has clearly articulated how HANA will evolve, and they have stuck to their guns. ORCL roadmap for exalytics is not exactlyContinue reading “SAP HANA vs ORACLE Exalytics – My initial thoughts”