Can Enterprise Software Innovation Be Industrialized ?

Every enterprise software vendor I know of touts innovation in every message they share with their ecosystem. It has many flavors – open innovation, inclusive innovation and so on. Yet, there are very few products that come out that customers cheer as innovative. That shows a couple things clearly, in my opinion 1. There is…

SAP Teched 2012, Las Vegas Recap – The Customer Is Always Right

This is the first blog post by my buddy Nathan Oyler, and I am honored that I got to host this. Nathan is an Enterprise Architect at SAP, and works in Oliver Bussman’s organization . He specializes in Hana. I met Nathan on twitter last year, and we have been friends since. We both enjoy…

SAP Teched 2012, Las Vegas – It’s All Good In The Hood

I reached back home few hours ago from SAP Teched Vegas. As always, it was a terrific event that magically gets better every year. Huge congratulations to SAP, and especially to Chip Rodgers for excellent execution. SAP paid for my flights and hotel (thank you very much) since I went there as a blogger ….

How Many Communities Do We Really Need ?

If you do a search in internet for SAP communities, I am sure you will get a lot of hits. If you take the time to dig deeper, you will probably find significant overlap in their content and membership too. There will always be a loyalty/intertia factor that inhibits widespread adoption of a new community….