What are the plans for SAP’s planning solutions portfolio?

A quick jog down memory lane, as I am flying from PHL to SNA. About 10 years ago, I went to an SAP training course in Northern CA to learn SEM-BPS . My background at that time was all ABAP, BW and some SD/FI on functional side. Till today – that BPS training by PeterContinue reading “What are the plans for SAP’s planning solutions portfolio?”

Innovation – the price to pay

Everyone and his brother is out there on social media lamenting on lack of disruptive innovation.  While I don’t pretend to be a big innovator, there is a portion of my work that can be termed as “innovation” , or even “disruptive innovation”.  And after a few years of doing this, I can say withContinue reading “Innovation – the price to pay”

As HANA matures, where should SAP focus?

It is not news that SAP is betting the farm on HANA. SAP’s sales and marketing organizations have done a tremendous job in making sure the HANA message is delivered loud and clear to its customer base.  SAP sold more that 100M Euros worth of HANA last year , and will probably do much biggerContinue reading “As HANA matures, where should SAP focus?”

The Social Media Giveth, And The Social Media Taketh Away

If you ask me what has had the biggest impact in my life for the last few years, I will say without exception that it is social media. And I am only a minor league bench quality player in social media , compared to the stalwarts. But even then – it has changed how IContinue reading “The Social Media Giveth, And The Social Media Taketh Away”

Analyzing Project Success – talent wins games, teamwork wins championships !

I am on cloud nine at the moment – our team successfully finished a huge big project go live in a “minimum fuss” way (THE way go-live should be) and I am getting ready to party hard with the gang. It was a journey that started in the fall of 2009 – and the teamContinue reading “Analyzing Project Success – talent wins games, teamwork wins championships !”

SAP HANA – slowly moving out of hype into actual projects

2011 was when HANA hype was on over drive – it was along the lines of “HANA will solve world hunger by feeding entire generations on perceived future business value” . Every where I mentioned HANA, customers were pushing back with raised eyebrows. That did not stop SAP from selling HANA though. SAP customers doContinue reading “SAP HANA – slowly moving out of hype into actual projects”