What are the plans for SAP’s planning solutions portfolio?

A quick jog down memory lane, as I am flying from PHL to SNA. About 10 years ago, I went to an SAP training course in Northern CA to learn SEM-BPS . My background at that time was all ABAP, BW and some SD/FI on functional side. Till today – that BPS training by PeterContinue reading “What are the plans for SAP’s planning solutions portfolio?”

Innovation – the price to pay

Everyone and his brother is out there on social media lamenting on lack of disruptive innovation.  While I don’t pretend to be a big innovator, there is a portion of my work that can be termed as “innovation” , or even “disruptive innovation”.  And after a few years of doing this, I can say withContinue reading “Innovation – the price to pay”

As HANA matures, where should SAP focus?

It is not news that SAP is betting the farm on HANA. SAP’s sales and marketing organizations have done a tremendous job in making sure the HANA message is delivered loud and clear to its customer base.  SAP sold more that 100M Euros worth of HANA last year , and will probably do much biggerContinue reading “As HANA matures, where should SAP focus?”