Leaving On A Jet Plane – Happy And Content

This week was tiring in the extreme – but in a good way. And tomorrow morning, we are leaving on vacation to Hawaii. The plan is to switch off work email and phone and just chill with my family. Last year – we went to another island in Hawaii around the same time. The weekContinue reading “Leaving On A Jet Plane – Happy And Content”

Customer Experience vs Technology Excellence in BI

Dennis Howlett posted this today and was the first thing I read today morning. http://diginomica.com/2013/09/25/user-experience-trumps-technical-excellence-gartner-bi-reports/ He and I also had a quick google hangout on this topic – and I thought I might as well add a few comments here. First – Customer Experience and Technology Excellence should not be looked up on as mutuallyContinue reading “Customer Experience vs Technology Excellence in BI”

ORACLE 12.c – A Good First Step, But A Database Could And Should Be So Much More

My introduction to SQL was learning Oracle 8.x around 1996 or 97. And since that time, I have heard about Larry Ellison. Interestingly – that is around the first time I heard of Hasso Plattner too . Till then I only knew of 5 IBM engineers being the founders of SAP. I have deep respectContinue reading “ORACLE 12.c – A Good First Step, But A Database Could And Should Be So Much More”

When Applications Scream “I don’t Trust You”

Between telecons today, I was glancing through twitter and had a brief chat there with Ben Haines, the CIO of Box. See below. Just reminded me of a few phone calls I have had from the expense police in past life Expense Police :Can you explain why you tipped $10 more than 15% at dinnerContinue reading “When Applications Scream “I don’t Trust You””

Zero Inbox Strategy – To Be Or Not To Be ?

I have a zero inbox policy . I read every email I get within a short time of it showing up , respond to the ones that need attention then move them to an archive . I don’t go to bed till I am done . And I have been this way for about 8Continue reading “Zero Inbox Strategy – To Be Or Not To Be ?”

Developer Strategy – Random Musings Of An Ex-Developer

Some of you might know this – I trained to be a mechanical engineer, and then did an MBA thinking I wanted to be an investment banker. But right out of business school – I figured what I REALLY wanted to be was a developer. So I took a developer job and stayed a developerContinue reading “Developer Strategy – Random Musings Of An Ex-Developer”

Misalignment and Policy by Lapse – A deadly duo

It is Friday the 13th today – maybe the best day to write this post after all . First I need to turn back the clock to the 1980s. In my teens, the most popular car in India was ” The Ambassador”. It was so popular that the company just did some weak spot weldingContinue reading “Misalignment and Policy by Lapse – A deadly duo”

Big data and systems that need to go around in circles

I had a very interesting conversation with my seat mate in the flight to SFO early today . He works as a manager at an airline, and grew up the ranks . Currently he is exploring ways of “learning faster” given his team was having a hard time with baggage handling and they want toContinue reading “Big data and systems that need to go around in circles”