SAP to acquire Fieldglass – Integration is key!

As I picked up my phone today morning , the first thing I saw online was this I think it is a pretty good move for SAP. Here are my initial thoughts Managing Contingent Workers – and the vendors that represent them – is a big pain for every client I have had inContinue reading “SAP to acquire Fieldglass – Integration is key!”

Are we there yet ? Can’t wait to start my new adventure

It is the last week of my sabbatical – and I am ready for work . Having never had a month off work since graduating from B school – I can say without a doubt that it was the best decision I could have made. No work email , no conference calls at ungodly hoursContinue reading “Are we there yet ? Can’t wait to start my new adventure”

I think we have digitized AND transformed

First, you should read this excellent blog post from my pal Sameer Patel. It definitely got me thinking (which is a surprise given I am thoroughly enjoying a month off work between two jobs ), and I thought I can add a couple of things to this discussion. It also gives me a chance toContinue reading “I think we have digitized AND transformed”

The execution challenge – are you a leader or a 3 year old ?

Everyone likes their leaders to take fast decisions and then stick by the decision in the face of diversity . They like leaders to be proactive and everyone else to be reactionary. Guess what – that is also how three year olds generally work ! But you don’t want your leaders to behave like aContinue reading “The execution challenge – are you a leader or a 3 year old ?”