“You have to draw the lines” and some other thoughts

Jon Reed wrote an excellent article on work life balance http://diginomica.com/2015/08/21/pulling-truth-from-the-viral-absurdity-of-the-amazon-workplace-debate/ and that prompted some thoughts in my mind based on my own work and life over the last two decades. There are two simple principles in life that keep me sane when I follow them both religiously. And when I don’t follow them ,Continue reading ““You have to draw the lines” and some other thoughts”

Social media and diminishing marginal utility

It was a cold evening in February 2008, and I was out having a beer with my boss in Beaverton, OR that the idea of starting a blog first came up. She and I had both read an article about social media in our intranet and we discussed the idea at length . We leftContinue reading “Social media and diminishing marginal utility”