12 Tips For Making Business Travel Bearable

Flashback to my college days . I had flown exactly one flight in my life – from TRV to MAD . My dream job was the one that let me fly all over the world and stay in great hotels and eat at fancy restaurants . Fast forward to my current 43 year old self.Continue reading “12 Tips For Making Business Travel Bearable”

AI Adoption Challenges – 12 Lessons From The Trenches

In 2015, when I was given the chance to lead a services portfolio that included AI, I was quite excited for two reasons. One – it perfectly suited my geeky interests (especially my passion for math) and two – it seemed to me that I was back in 2000 with ERP, with every company wantingContinue reading “AI Adoption Challenges – 12 Lessons From The Trenches”