Corporate world needs more generalists

I just finished a long call with an old buddy who just finished selecting a team for his new startup and it stirred a lot of thoughts in my mind that I thought I will share in this post . Our experiences dictate our “gut” feelings , and it’s those feelings that help us interpretContinue reading “Corporate world needs more generalists”

SAP buys Concur and Oracle gets new CEOs – My 2 cents

Just as soon as I came back from lunch , I heard about both news items from SAP and Oracle . Here are my views – strictly personal opinions as always , and has nothing to do with present or past employers . SAP buying Concur is a pretty good move in my opinion. AsContinue reading “SAP buys Concur and Oracle gets new CEOs – My 2 cents”

Scale and Culture , the ultimate conflict in startups

Ever since I left the big company career , I have been talking to and learning from folks who have a lot of experience in the scrappy startup way of life. I have had such conversation with engineers, founders, sales people, VCs , Angels , receptionists and pretty much anyone else who would talk toContinue reading “Scale and Culture , the ultimate conflict in startups”