India in Olympics – Will The Plot Ever Change ?

In a (sick/sad) way, I am glad NBC has a delay telecasting Olympics here in the USA. As an Indian living here, I cheer happily for both countries. But the contrast between the two is way too much to ignore. Lets start with Athletics. Every year, India sends a bunch of athletes to Olympics. ThereContinue reading “India in Olympics – Will The Plot Ever Change ?”

Random Management Lessons From Dinner Table

Couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to host a client CIO and a senior IBM executive for dinner at a restaurant in San Jose, CA. It was one of the most interesting conversations I ever had over dinner, and to say the least – it was more valuable to me than many businessContinue reading “Random Management Lessons From Dinner Table”

SAP Announced Fantastic Q2 Results – And Vijay Says..

Good job – SAP, Kudos on having an awesome Q2. Those are impressive numbers indeed. An 18% jump in revenue is nothing to sneeze at, especially for a German company with a huge European market where everyone else seems to be suffering. Every region had double digit growth. What I loved the most was thatContinue reading “SAP Announced Fantastic Q2 Results – And Vijay Says..”

Not Even Apple Can Keep The Market Happy

So AAPL announced its Q3 results – and next thing we know its shares took a beating – almost down 5% in after hours trading when I looked. Did anything change fundamentally for AAPL to deserve this brutal treatment from investors? I doubt it – they are just paying the price for being a veryContinue reading “Not Even Apple Can Keep The Market Happy”

Life And Career Lessons My Dogs Taught Me

I have always been a dog lover for as long as I remember. When I was a teenager, I spent all the time with dogs and dog shows and no time chasing girls. My mom and some relatives worried seriously that I would not finish my engineering education due to this extreme interest in dogs.Continue reading “Life And Career Lessons My Dogs Taught Me”

And Chirag Says – Learn To Fail And Fail To Learn

Many of you would know my pal Chirag Mehta. He is one of the most forward thinking experts in enterprise software that I know. Even more impressive – he is an adjucnt faculty at Santa Clara University and San Jose State University, teaching graduate school classes in computer science. He is an excellent blogger –Continue reading “And Chirag Says – Learn To Fail And Fail To Learn”

The Price and Prize of Social

When I read my friend Howlett’s blog on social enterprise – I had plans to write something on my blog too, but that feeling passed. I am not going to make any generalizations on social – just talking about my own case here. I will come back to the social enterprise topic some time inContinue reading “The Price and Prize of Social”