No resolutions for 2014, just some hopes and dreams

Happy 2014 everyone ! I have no new year resolutions – those don’t work very well , at least for me anyway. I do have some hopes though for the new year First – I hope the US becomes a less divided country . We should stop letting MSNBC and FOX dictate our value systemsContinue reading “No resolutions for 2014, just some hopes and dreams”

We need a Christmas for Enterprise Software

A big luxury during this time of the year is that I can have a siesta free of guilt . As I came down the stairs and turned right to the kitchen nook – I saw my little Golden puppy Ollie at his favorite. “Thinking spot” in the back lawn , acting as if heContinue reading “We need a Christmas for Enterprise Software”

Looking back at 2013 – A tale of two employers

Compared to the time between 2008 to 2012, when I was fast tracking through an IBM career in management – I had a pretty relaxing year at SAP in 2013 on many fronts . Mostly, I have been in a learning mode – and I did learn a lot about how this great company worksContinue reading “Looking back at 2013 – A tale of two employers”