SapphireNow 2017 – My 2 cents

First off – thanks to SAP for having me at the event as a blogger. In my day job, I no longer work on SAP technologies closely. But most of the clients I have are SAP shops and often talk to me about SAP given my heritage. Sapphirenow keynotes and executive meetings with the boardContinue reading “SapphireNow 2017 – My 2 cents”

IT Services industry – time for empty talk is over !

Every day I read at least one article that talks about Indian IT companies planning to hire several thousand people locally in US , and multiple articles about digital transformation disrupting multiple industries. What is abundantly clear to me is that jobs and careers as we have known them will get disrupted in an unpleasantContinue reading “IT Services industry – time for empty talk is over !”