Big data – You can start small, but start today !

I am back at Houston Airport after an excellent customer event where I did a key note on big data . One of the side conversations that happened today was on where to start big data programs . Jon Reed had nudged me couple of days ago on the same topic . So here areContinue reading “Big data – You can start small, but start today !”

Big Data Deployment – Planning is everything

When data becomes big – and it gives pretty cool insights of high value , the big hurdle facing customers will be their own deployment challenges. Where should this magic solution live ? And how exactly will we find out ? Several factors play into this – and I am just mentioning a few thatContinue reading “Big Data Deployment – Planning is everything”

Defining Big Data, by listening to customers

Ever since I started working on SAP’s big data initiative , I have been having a hard time defining what exactly is big data . So, my gang and I had many a discussion and figured out that the best way to figure this out is to talk to customers . I called this aContinue reading “Defining Big Data, by listening to customers”

Helping Employees Avoid Mid-Career Crisis

First things first – individuals own their career , not companies or bosses or coaches or anyone else . Others can help , but only you can execute . I had this conversation about mid career crisis situations quite a few times recently in some variant with my mentors , and with people that IContinue reading “Helping Employees Avoid Mid-Career Crisis”

Are you ready for big data getting bigger and faster and never getting deleted ?

It is a rather scary thought, even for a guy like me who loves playing with data for fun over the weekend, after pretty much doing the same at work during the week 🙂 The quantity of data that gets generated today is huge, and it is getting created faster than you can think about it.Continue reading “Are you ready for big data getting bigger and faster and never getting deleted ?”

Operatics – Thorsten Franz’s Next Adventure

First off – read this post, please I cannot be happier for my dear friend, Thorsten Franz. If you don’t know Thorsten – reach out to him on twitter ( @thorstenster) or Facebook . Trust me it will be worth your time to know him – and you can thank me later 🙂 Thorsten isContinue reading “Operatics – Thorsten Franz’s Next Adventure”