But ..but…I didn’t get any credit for all the stuff I did

This is by far the most common feedback I have gotten as a manager in my career – more or less in those exact words. And I admit that I have used those exact words with my managers in my early days. It is a challenge for both employees and managers to move past thisContinue reading “But ..but…I didn’t get any credit for all the stuff I did”

Facebook bought Whatsapp – I have mixed feelings

I don’t exactly know what to make of Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp for about $19B . Like many others – it was a jaw bropping moment for me. And since then, I have been trying to rationalize it in my mind, with limited success. There are some things that work in favor of this dealContinue reading “Facebook bought Whatsapp – I have mixed feelings”

Is there anything more broken in HR than recruiting ?

I am not an HR expert – can’t even make a stretch claim to be one . Few months ago , I was convinced that performance appraisals were the most broken part of the HR realm . I wrote a few posts on my views on talent management and several readers joined the discussion .Continue reading “Is there anything more broken in HR than recruiting ?”

Enterprise and UX – is it the classic “dog chasing its tail” ?

My pal Jon Reed posted a 2 part series on the topic of User Experience for enterprise software. Part one is http://diginomica.com/2014/02/13/enterprise-user-experience-overhyped/ and Part two is http://diginomica.com/2014/02/14/enterprise-consumer-grade-ui-part-2/ . You should read both – in fact you should read pretty much everything Jon posts. If it is not worth reading, Jon would not post it. Since mid 90sContinue reading “Enterprise and UX – is it the classic “dog chasing its tail” ?”

What about those company values ?

Couple of days ago, I had a nice long chat with an old friend who worked with me more than ten years ago. One of the topics that came up in the conversation was how some companies don’t seem to have a set of core values to guide the actions of their employees. It isContinue reading “What about those company values ?”

The slippery slope of predictive Analytics

I am not the biggest football fan around – I am a big fan of cricket though. And despite my day job is about making sense of data – I don’t use much of quantitative methods when it comes to sports . I think it takes away my excitement . After the Super Bowl gameContinue reading “The slippery slope of predictive Analytics”