Leadership, Management and Gandhi

Right from my first day at Business School, I have been conditioned to believe that I should not ever aim to be a manager – I should aim to be a leader, an entrepreneur, anything but a manager. What my professors preached to me was reinforced by my bosses at work, and the books IContinue reading “Leadership, Management and Gandhi”

Give Peace a Chance, Please

The song and the singer needs no introduction to most people, so I am not going to attempt that here. I was busy at work when my wife asked me if I saw the news of the CT school shooting incident. I hadn’t – and I checked internet. And ever since, my mind has beenContinue reading “Give Peace a Chance, Please”

How Many Communities Do We Really Need ?

If you do a search in internet for SAP communities, I am sure you will get a lot of hits. If you take the time to dig deeper, you will probably find significant overlap in their content and membership too. There will always be a loyalty/intertia factor that inhibits widespread adoption of a new community.Continue reading “How Many Communities Do We Really Need ?”