The fascinating world of advanced analytics 

I had a lengthy conversation with an old client yesterday on his plans to start some cool new projects . That is what triggered this blog  Most of you already know that I am not too big on categorizing this topic into predictive , prescriptive , cognitive and so on . I never cared aboutContinue reading “The fascinating world of advanced analytics “

Going to SAP Sapphire Now as an outsider for the first time 

I am sure someone will correct me immediately that it’s the big ASUG show too 😉 For a few years now , I have been away from the SAP field in general . That is weird in itself , given SAP dominated every part of my job from the time I left business school tillContinue reading “Going to SAP Sapphire Now as an outsider for the first time “

Election 2016 might shake our faith in data science

First off – I am about as independent and undecided as one can get in this country. In general I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I am not a big fan of Clinton, Sanders or Trump – and can’t even decide who I dislike the least. But – as the primaries wind down, IContinue reading “Election 2016 might shake our faith in data science”