Entropy and Equilibrium in organizations

My pal Dennis Howlett and I were discussing today morning about what makes a large company resist change. A lot of thoughts ran through my mind and I thought I better write it down . Strangely – my thoughts revolved around laws of physics when I looked for answers . No idea why , butContinue reading “Entropy and Equilibrium in organizations”

Making peace with polymorphism

So India is getting a new prime minister – and he is the leader of BJP, an organization based on Hinduism / Hindutva . Now , what exactly that means gets interpreted differently based on who you ask . But given the overwhelming majority that the party got in parliamentary elections – it looks likeContinue reading “Making peace with polymorphism”

My wish list for the new Modi Government in India

Modi led BJP swept the elections – clearly indicating the people of India want big changes . Here are my personal “wish list” items on what changes would be great for India in policy terms when this government is in power. 1. Revamp public distribution. India does well in pockets – but it is practicallyContinue reading “My wish list for the new Modi Government in India”