Crash Course – How to build a career at a consulting company

I left the world of system integrators and consultants a few years ago – but even today, the question I get asked the most is “how do I grow my career in consulting at my big name employer?”.  I thought I will post some of my thoughts – from my own experience in big consultingContinue reading “Crash Course – How to build a career at a consulting company”

Six tips for clients when buying consulting services

A good part of the grey hair on my head today can be attributed to negotiating consulting related topics with my clients 🙂 Clients and customers can often behave as if they are from two different planets and nobody wins in those cases. They can also work together extremely well and amazing things happen as aContinue reading “Six tips for clients when buying consulting services”

IT Services Industry in 2015

After a couple of years away from services business, I am back in it – albeit with a different flavor . My current services responsibility is to run consulting for a software company, as opposed to doing so in a pure services company. Nevertheless, with the new role, I have been thinking (and talking toContinue reading “IT Services Industry in 2015”