Getting the most out of review meetings

Yesterday night, I helped a couple of colleagues prepare for reviewing their deals with their line management. And today morning I spent some time reviewing a couple of deals with my team. Perhaps the largest category of meetings in the corporate world is “reviews” – be it deals, career, special assignments or whatever. Having beenContinue reading “Getting the most out of review meetings”

SAP buys Qualtrics – Some quick thoughts

I saw the news on twitter yesterday night that SAP is buying Qualtrics for $8B cash – most of it financed . I am writing this blog post strictly in my personal capacity and it doesn’t represent my employer’s opinions . I have no prior knowledge of this deal. I have worked in the SAPContinue reading “SAP buys Qualtrics – Some quick thoughts”

Sir, there are no foreigners in this apartment !

I was in midtown NY earlier this week and had a coffee with a young immigrant colleague who recently moved there. She asked me “How did you manage to survive here for so long ? I can’t seem to stop tripping over myself every step” . So I told her how my first week inContinue reading “Sir, there are no foreigners in this apartment !”