Are you sure you can make use of REAL TIME data?

Several BI vendors, insist that real time data will magically change the enterprise world. They may be right – I have often heard my customers echo that line too. But here is the question that doesn’t get asked often enough – what will you do with it, if information is delivered to you real time?Continue reading “Are you sure you can make use of REAL TIME data?”

Random musings on customers and vendors

Many times during this week, I had conversations on the dynamics between customers and vendors with my buddies.  These are all not connected thoughts, but let me type it here for some day in future, when some of it may make sense – at least to me 🙂   In B2B – Customers and VendorsContinue reading “Random musings on customers and vendors”

SAP says HANA is ready for General Availability. What say you?

Today, along with few other bloggers – I had a chance to listen to Vishal Sikka of SAP.  Special thanks to Craig Cmehil for inviting me to this meeting. Vishal told us that HANA is going GA on Monday June 20th, 2011.  Vishal also mentioned some impressive pipeline numbers for HANA. And the coolest newsContinue reading “SAP says HANA is ready for General Availability. What say you?”

The curious case of Junior Consultants

Off late in the blogosphere, there is a lot of chatter about why no customers want to pay for junior consultants in projects. I could not make my point in 140 characters – so I am trying the long form here, for whatever it is worth. And as always this is strictly just my viewContinue reading “The curious case of Junior Consultants”

Ten songs that remind me of the Enterprise Software World

A list of songs – all linked to Youtube – that makes me think of different aspects for life in Enterprise Software world, and its many characters. The many players in Enterprise SW market in action The  sales process – wooing the customer Software vendors referring to analysts Independents vs big time  firms Customer reactionContinue reading “Ten songs that remind me of the Enterprise Software World”