My wish list for the Modi Government in India….again

I am an eternal optimist. I published my wish list for the first Modi government when they took office 5 years ago . As you can see for yourself, none of those things happened in any significant manner. And yet, here I am with a new list – and I will append the original wishContinue reading “My wish list for the Modi Government in India….again”

2019 Election Results In India – Quick Thoughts

I woke up this morning and saw that the BJP led NDA has won another five year term . Before my attention turns to the upcoming World Cup Cricket, I thought I will share a few thoughts Picture from What separated BJP and INC ? Granted it is difficult to dislodge incumbents since theyContinue reading “2019 Election Results In India – Quick Thoughts”

LOVE is the secret ingredient of leading turnarounds

Late on Wednesday night, I got an email that essentially said we moved from #5 to #1 on a certain important metric . This was a big goal for our team, and we were all working hard for it. So I shared the news with my leadership team right away . Thursday morning, one ofContinue reading “LOVE is the secret ingredient of leading turnarounds”