Stack Ranking – it doesn’t have to be evil

There is plenty of coverage in social media now on the infamous concept of stack ranking . And honestly it took me by surprise . I thought I will post couple of thoughts here . Poorly implemented stack ranking is just horrible and should be avoided at all costs. But my position is that someContinue reading “Stack Ranking – it doesn’t have to be evil”

Some Hindi Songs Were Created For Software Industry

Common man loves these songs for their music , romantic nature and a million other reasons – and that included me till 2 days ago . I was on a flight from NY to NE early in the morning , and my iPhone chose to play me some Hindi songs . And probably because IContinue reading “Some Hindi Songs Were Created For Software Industry”

Who checks the checkers of the double checkers ?

There are three things that ruin good companies the most (in my personal opinion, that is ), or at a minimum they stand in the way of them becoming great companies . 1 hierarchy In all the companies I have worked for , there have been steep hierarchies . There was just one exception andContinue reading “Who checks the checkers of the double checkers ?”

Tear Down These Data Walls Please!

As always , just my personal views here – nothing official about it . The world of data is roughly split into two – preparation of data (master data management, cleansing, quality, integration etc) AND use of data (Analytics , transactions etc ). I think one of the biggest reasons that companies never get aContinue reading “Tear Down These Data Walls Please!”

As long as you don’t insult my intelligence :

First – 6 weeks away from blogging was great . I am very grateful to all of you who encouraged me to start blogging again . I stopped blogging rather abruptly – after reading my posts this year, I couldn’t think of a reason why anyone would want to read most of what I post.Continue reading “As long as you don’t insult my intelligence :”