Hello IBM, I am home !

Earlier today , I accepted IBM’s offer to join them as a VP & Partner in the Strategy and Business Analytics Group . My primary focus will be in helping IBM customers take their business to its next level using modern big data and analytics solutions . It is a technology agnostic role – whichContinue reading “Hello IBM, I am home !”

The path to partnership in big consulting firms 

Having gone through this process successfully and in somewhat of a fast track manner , I have often been asked by several people on what does it take to make partner in a consulting firm (or principal, VP, MD or any of the other terms that are equal to a partner).  I have asked severalContinue reading “The path to partnership in big consulting firms “

Organizational Culture – please don’t get too wound up over it

If you listen to certain VCs and CEOs active on social media – you might come to a conclusion that the existential threat to their companies is “culture” ( or lack there of). It’s also largely silly. Most touristy places I have visited have some kind of “cultural immersion” program – where you are exposedContinue reading “Organizational Culture – please don’t get too wound up over it”