Is patience a virtue or a curse at work ?

With family and friends, I absolutely think patience is a virtue . You generally don’t give up on these two groups by definition – and it’s usually bidirectional. The answer is less obvious when it comes to the work place . Perhaps due to the uncertainty created by the pandemic, it’s a question that hasContinue reading “Is patience a virtue or a curse at work ?”

What citizenship will my great grand kids have ?

There are three things that limit extraordinary or exponential progress for mankind in my opinion . 1. Physical ability 2. Mental ability 3. Time When you make even small improvements in each bucket, you gain some competitive advantage . For example – if you have adequate food and healthcare , you have better chances ofContinue reading “What citizenship will my great grand kids have ?”

Learning Philosophy : Between N-1 and N+1

In 1997, I was an apprentice engineer in a Tire company in India after finishing my degree in mechanical engineering . One evening, a machine broke down in the line and I quickly figured out that it’s just a broken spindle that needs to be replaced . I did some quick calculations and figured aContinue reading “Learning Philosophy : Between N-1 and N+1”

Scaling a business during the Covid pandemic – a dozen lessons I learned

2021 has been quite an interesting year and I have alternated between “will this year ever end?” and “Whoa – are we in December already?” . Both from a business perspective as well as from a personal perspective – I had to learn new things and act differently . I thought I will share whatContinue reading “Scaling a business during the Covid pandemic – a dozen lessons I learned”

What I learned about work from cooking

Some of you already know that I enjoy cooking . A long time ago, I landed in Colorado without knowing how to make a cup of coffee or an omelette. But since that time, I have picked up some “hobby” level skills . Talking about cooking with a friend, we realized there are some lifeContinue reading “What I learned about work from cooking”