What I learned about work from cooking

Some of you already know that I enjoy cooking . A long time ago, I landed in Colorado without knowing how to make a cup of coffee or an omelette. But since that time, I have picked up some “hobby” level skills . Talking about cooking with a friend, we realized there are some lifeContinue reading “What I learned about work from cooking”

My struggles with “looking the part”

My paternal grandfather was a professor and an author . His favorite gift to me always used to be a nice pen – a Hero fountain pen . Unfortunately and to his significant disappointment I also have lost all of them as quickly as I got them . In any case, he would often tellContinue reading “My struggles with “looking the part””

My little Covid story – it’s not “just like the flu”

Usually around 20th of December, we take a couple of weeks off and go some place to celebrate the holiday season . By fall of 2020, I was sure that our tradition needs to take a gap year . One idea we had as a consolation prize was to drive up to Flagstaff and enjoyContinue reading “My little Covid story – it’s not “just like the flu””

An amateur cook’s guide to get started on Indian cooking

I have zero knowledge of formal cooking . I admire people who do . I have wanted to start a restaurant many times in my life and have either chickened out or been talked out by friends . That said – I absolutely enjoy cooking Indian food (especially from Kerala where I was born andContinue reading “An amateur cook’s guide to get started on Indian cooking”

Living and working with perfectionists

There are only two things in my life where I am even remotely a perfectionist – when it comes to writing clean code , and training dogs for competition . And those things can be traced back to specific instances . As a young developer I once was asked to add some extra logic toContinue reading “Living and working with perfectionists”

A quick framework on quitting the right way at work

Generally the world looks down at people who give up – they are called all kinds of derogatory things like “loser”, “quitter” and so on . We are taught from an early age on why hard work can overcome all challenges – often with stories of heroes to make that point . I think thisContinue reading “A quick framework on quitting the right way at work”

What you feel after the election is what corporate leaders feel routinely

So TV channels called the election and Joe Biden is the winner . Some of us felt elated and others refuse to accept it – and a large spectrum of people in between those extremes . No value judgment from me on that in this post – I just wanted to draw some parallels withContinue reading “What you feel after the election is what corporate leaders feel routinely”