Work or Pleasure ? Both, of course

I am typing this from the beautiful city of Brussels . This is the last stop of a very busy business trip meeting key partners in Europe . I fly home early in the morning tomorrow The weather was perfect . I very rarely get to visit Europe in summer – so this was anContinue reading “Work or Pleasure ? Both, of course”

Why am I not holding my breath on digital transformation ?

Once upon a time – when I was a young consultant – there was this thing my friends did called “change management”. I must have known more than a 100 change management consultants in my career – but I can count on one hand the number that stayed throughout the projects . Most were letContinue reading “Why am I not holding my breath on digital transformation ?”

The last Word, The President , God and Bill Gates

I use three social media networks – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I blog too – so maybe that is a fourth channel.  Facebook is primarily for personal interests – keeping in touch with family in India and elsewhere, keeping track of what is happening in the world of dog shows and keeping in touch withContinue reading “The last Word, The President , God and Bill Gates”