Why am I not holding my breath on digital transformation ?

Once upon a time – when I was a young consultant – there was this thing my friends did called “change management”. I must have known more than a 100 change management consultants in my career – but I can count on one hand the number that stayed throughout the projects . Most were letContinue reading “Why am I not holding my breath on digital transformation ?”

The last Word, The President , God and Bill Gates

I use three social media networks – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I blog too – so maybe that is a fourth channel.  Facebook is primarily for personal interests – keeping in touch with family in India and elsewhere, keeping track of what is happening in the world of dog shows and keeping in touch withContinue reading “The last Word, The President , God and Bill Gates”

Large IT company business models and the cloud

Earnings season arrived and I am wondering how long big companies can keep their current structures and business models . Size is not always an advantage – it can actually destroy the value of a company . Big companies try to attack this problem by firing a lot of people . But I have hardlyContinue reading “Large IT company business models and the cloud”

MongoDB for the SAP Community

One of the most common questions I get from my friends from the SAP ecosystem is how MongoDB works with SAP. So I thought I will pen some initial thoughts on how I see the technologies working together.  NOTE : Please don’t look at this as an official roadmap or anything – this is justContinue reading “MongoDB for the SAP Community”

Independence – view from the corporate jungle

USA celebrating its independence day tomorrow . And coincidentally, I have been pinged by a lot of people with messages along the lines of “I can’t do anything independent where I work. What should I do?” type stuff. It is a question I have asked myself as an employee and as a leader/manager. In primaryContinue reading “Independence – view from the corporate jungle”

The future of big data – consolidations , partnerships and mostly open source

In theory, I am on vacation this week – except that I have not managed to get out of email yet. And to top that, I caught up on a lot of reading and as usual, have some thoughts to share. As always – these are just my personal opinions, not that of my employer.Continue reading “The future of big data – consolidations , partnerships and mostly open source”