SAP HANA, Mobility and On Demand – where is the money ?

SAP had a great quarter – and deserves kudos for that.  Not a surprise either that maintenance revenue is the big contributor. Despite what analysts say about disruption and other such stuff – when you have a stable and committed install base, they are not going anywhere in a hurry. So SAP can take reasonableContinue reading “SAP HANA, Mobility and On Demand – where is the money ?”

Software companies , Innovation and On-premise

You cannot walk on the street, or browse on internet, these days without some one screaming “innovation” on your face.  Software companies lead the pack here – not only do they use the word “innovation” ad-nauseum, they also take time to explain why their competition is not using “innovation”. Read this excellent blog by Dennis Howlett . DennisContinue reading “Software companies , Innovation and On-premise”