True Innovation Needs A Viable Business Model

The news that caught my attention the most this lazy long weekend was that Better Place was liquidating .$850-million-investment/ . Of course there was the SAP announcement of organizational changes – but my thoughts as an employee ( that too just 5 months as employee) might not be of much interest to anyone else.Continue reading “True Innovation Needs A Viable Business Model”

If Innovation Doesn’t Scale, How Do Vendors Ensure Mass Adoption ?

Few weeks ago, I posted my thoughts on n whether enterprise software companies can scale innovation . I was thrilled to see the quality of debate that this post started – with Thorsten Franz, Michael Bechauf et al jumping in to offer their POVs. So my next question is – if you cannot come upContinue reading “If Innovation Doesn’t Scale, How Do Vendors Ensure Mass Adoption ?”

Can Enterprise Software Innovation Be Industrialized ?

Every enterprise software vendor I know of touts innovation in every message they share with their ecosystem. It has many flavors – open innovation, inclusive innovation and so on. Yet, there are very few products that come out that customers cheer as innovative. That shows a couple things clearly, in my opinion 1. There isContinue reading “Can Enterprise Software Innovation Be Industrialized ?”

Shelf life of innovaton

To begin with – I wonder if someone will argue with me if I just say “there are only so many original ideas in this world”.  I am sure someone would – I can think of a few people I know on social media who hold a different view. In any case – I firmlyContinue reading “Shelf life of innovaton”

If it is not thanksgiving day, will you not say “thank you”?

Or conversely, if you say “thank you”, does it mean you are celebrating “thanks giving day” ? I am jetlagged – and this is the thought that strangely came to mind today morning as I was on my 3rd cup of coffee. I attribute it to a bunch of emails I read yesterday night, andContinue reading “If it is not thanksgiving day, will you not say “thank you”?”

SAPPHIRENOW 2012 Orlando, day 3 – HANA, Developers, Partnership – and one more thing !

Day 3 has been my favorite ever since Vishal and Hasso started keynoting on the last day of SAPPHIRE. So I was up bright and early, and got to the keynote area much before it started. Unlike last year, this time it was Hasso who started the Keynote. The first part of his session wasContinue reading “SAPPHIRENOW 2012 Orlando, day 3 – HANA, Developers, Partnership – and one more thing !”

Innovation – the price to pay

Everyone and his brother is out there on social media lamenting on lack of disruptive innovation.  While I don’t pretend to be a big innovator, there is a portion of my work that can be termed as “innovation” , or even “disruptive innovation”.  And after a few years of doing this, I can say withContinue reading “Innovation – the price to pay”

Innovation and the Time dimension

On labor day, I was vacationing in CO, and picked up this blog post by Vinnie Mirchandani ( @dealarchitect on twitter) to read while my family was getting ready for the day’s activities. . Vinnie had earlier penned I picked up a lively and healthy debate with Vinnie on twitter, and then MartijnContinue reading “Innovation and the Time dimension”

Software companies , Innovation and On-premise

You cannot walk on the street, or browse on internet, these days without some one screaming “innovation” on your face.  Software companies lead the pack here – not only do they use the word “innovation” ad-nauseum, they also take time to explain why their competition is not using “innovation”. Read this excellent blog by Dennis Howlett . DennisContinue reading “Software companies , Innovation and On-premise”