Shelf life of innovaton

To begin with – I wonder if someone will argue with me if I just say “there are only so many original ideas in this world”.  I am sure someone would – I can think of a few people I know on social media who hold a different view. In any case – I firmlyContinue reading “Shelf life of innovaton”

SAP’s announcements on April 10,2012 – and Vijay says…

SAP very kindly let me participate in their analyst day on April 10th, and a dinner the night before in San Francisco Westin. I particularly enjoyed spending some time with Irfan Khan, who is the CTO of Sybase, and an SVP at SAP. SAP paid for my flights and hotel too. Here are my thoughtsContinue reading “SAP’s announcements on April 10,2012 – and Vijay says…”

Will the economy hurt SAP? BofA/Merrill thinks it will, I seriously doubt it

Today morning, I saw this news and then this article in Forbes ( written by someone in Forbes Staff, not advoice) BofA / Merrill Lynch analyst Chandramouli Sriraman downgraded the stock from Buy to Neutral.  And when I checked the stock for SAP AG, it seemed to be trading about 2.6% down. AndContinue reading “Will the economy hurt SAP? BofA/Merrill thinks it will, I seriously doubt it”

Post SAPPHIRE NOW musings

SAPPHIRE was way cool – one of the most well-organized ones, and I enjoyed it very much, despite the extreme sleep deprivation that I had to endure. In general, I was quite excited with SAP’s messaging, and analyst commentary. But as soon as I left the convention center, I started thinking more about the messages IContinue reading “Post SAPPHIRE NOW musings”