What the heck is strategy ?

I don’t know what is more difficult to get consensus on a definition – “meaning of life” or “strategy” . And I am only partly kidding here 🙂 Vast majority of the literature and talks on strategy are about what it is not , as opposed to what it really is . This was trueContinue reading “What the heck is strategy ?”

Root Cause Analysis – it needs a grain of salt

Vast amounts of time and resources are spent in the corporate world in what is called “root cause analysis” (or RCA for short). I have done my fair share – countless spreadsheets and PPT decks have been created by me too like most of you who are reading this . And from the time IContinue reading “Root Cause Analysis – it needs a grain of salt”

Insecure Middle Level Managers – Help Them !

Yesterday, I was most excited to see an email from my friend and mentee Tomas Krojzl . IBM’s CEO and her senior staff chose Tomas as one of the “Best of IBM 2013” Winners. That is a huge deal in IBM – to be one of the few picked out of 430,000+ employees. No oneContinue reading “Insecure Middle Level Managers – Help Them !”