IBM Watson is just fine, thank you !

Over the last couple of days, I have seen a bunch of articles on my social media feed that are based on a research report from Jefferies' James Kisner criticizing IBM Watson. I am a big fan of criticism of technology – and as folks who have known me over time can vouch, I seldomContinue reading “IBM Watson is just fine, thank you !”

IT In India Could Use Some Help – Are You In ?

I woke up this weekend to this depressing news I have worked at various SIs all my life before deciding to join SAP labs in January of this year . So this problem hit me hard – and in some way, I felt that I am responsible too somehow for this dismal situation thatContinue reading “IT In India Could Use Some Help – Are You In ?”

Be Proud To Be An IT Expert – But Please Evolve !

Between Analysts, Bloggers and Software Vendors – I think a lot have been done to demoralize IT professionals already. A lot of fantastic IT people that I know have started to feel insecure and unwanted. This includes many of my friends and mentees. In the last few months – I have had innumerable conversations aboutContinue reading “Be Proud To Be An IT Expert – But Please Evolve !”

On Business, IT And Artificial Distinctions

Whoever started the concept of IT treating Business as a customer did a big disservice to the world. Don’t get me wrong – I grew up thinking that Business is the dog, and IT is its tail, and the tail does not get to wag the dog. My thinking has evolved a lot recently, mostlyContinue reading “On Business, IT And Artificial Distinctions”

Thoughts on SAP Outsourcing, Part 1 – the evolution

As always, this is just my personal opinion and not that of my present or past employers. I need to do this in a few installments – starting with how outsourcing of SAP evolved in front of my eyes, and then some common problems, easy and difficult solutions and a reality check . As manyContinue reading “Thoughts on SAP Outsourcing, Part 1 – the evolution”