Apple Vs Samsung – Never Mind The Customer, Eh?

So I just heard the news that Apple got richer by a billion dollars , and Samsung has to pay up that money for patent infringements. Well, Apple did not get the whole amount it was seeking, but $1B is not too shabby. Since the Jurors only took under 3 days to decide on theContinue reading “Apple Vs Samsung – Never Mind The Customer, Eh?”

Facebook Stock Price Decline – The Price For Not Fitting Into The Mold ?

If you are an investor – directly, or indirectly through a 401(k) or IRA – I am sure you would have followed the fortunes of FB stock . If I had to choose one word to describe it, GREED would be it. If I get one more word, I will choose STUPIDITY. FB  was setContinue reading “Facebook Stock Price Decline – The Price For Not Fitting Into The Mold ?”

When Private Sector Sucks As Much As Public Sector In India

As an Indian living and working in US, I am interested in the political and economical development in both countries. In the US – since this is election season, there is a lot of rhetoric on the extreme sides of the spectrum. One side wants extreme role for government and another wants minimum possible governmentContinue reading “When Private Sector Sucks As Much As Public Sector In India”

India in Olympics – Will The Plot Ever Change ?

In a (sick/sad) way, I am glad NBC has a delay telecasting Olympics here in the USA. As an Indian living here, I cheer happily for both countries. But the contrast between the two is way too much to ignore. Lets start with Athletics. Every year, India sends a bunch of athletes to Olympics. ThereContinue reading “India in Olympics – Will The Plot Ever Change ?”

Random Management Lessons From Dinner Table

Couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to host a client CIO and a senior IBM executive for dinner at a restaurant in San Jose, CA. It was one of the most interesting conversations I ever had over dinner, and to say the least – it was more valuable to me than many businessContinue reading “Random Management Lessons From Dinner Table”

SAP Announced Fantastic Q2 Results – And Vijay Says..

Good job – SAP, Kudos on having an awesome Q2. Those are impressive numbers indeed. An 18% jump in revenue is nothing to sneeze at, especially for a German company with a huge European market where everyone else seems to be suffering. Every region had double digit growth. What I loved the most was thatContinue reading “SAP Announced Fantastic Q2 Results – And Vijay Says..”

Not Even Apple Can Keep The Market Happy

So AAPL announced its Q3 results – and next thing we know its shares took a beating – almost down 5% in after hours trading when I looked. Did anything change fundamentally for AAPL to deserve this brutal treatment from investors? I doubt it – they are just paying the price for being a veryContinue reading “Not Even Apple Can Keep The Market Happy”

The Price and Prize of Social

When I read my friend Howlett’s blog on social enterprise – I had plans to write something on my blog too, but that feeling passed. I am not going to make any generalizations on social – just talking about my own case here. I will come back to the social enterprise topic some time inContinue reading “The Price and Prize of Social”

Indian Political Economy – a crazy balancing act

When Pranab Mukherjee was selected as the presidential candidate by Congress, the first thought that crossed my mind was that Manmohan Singh can now do something right about the economy.  But given elections are just 2 years away – I seriously worry if populist measures will overtake good economic decisions. India is a diverse country,Continue reading “Indian Political Economy – a crazy balancing act”

Shelf life of innovaton

To begin with – I wonder if someone will argue with me if I just say “there are only so many original ideas in this world”.  I am sure someone would – I can think of a few people I know on social media who hold a different view. In any case – I firmlyContinue reading “Shelf life of innovaton”