Road Ahead for SAP Consultants : 2013

For the last few years, I have tried to offer my views on what is the road ahead for SAP consultants in the next year. All the past episodes have been on SCN, but SCN is not letting me log on to the site today. So I am posting it here this time on my personal blog. My 2012 predictions can be found
here .

Usual disclaimers apply – these are just my personal opinions, and not those of my employer. And of course none of this is based on any scientific study – just my observations dealing with my clients, fellow consultants and many friends in SAP ecosystem.

1. BW on HANA : 2013 will be the year of BW on HANA. The groundwork has been done perfectly well in 2012. This should be good for many consultants – BW, BOBJ, Basis etc to ride the wave. If you are not up to speed on 7.3 version of BW, you might want to get spun up on that. This should also have a positive effect in increasing the demand for BPC 10 upgrades for BPC on HANA.

2. Combo innovations : None of the newer stuff from SAP might give full business value to customers when they stand alone. But they have awesome potential when used in combination. There aren’t a lot of consultants out there who can articulate and implement combination of new technologies ( say HANA and CEP, BPC and Mobility etc) to solve existing problems in completely new ways.

3. Upgrades : Many customers have not made use of cool new functionality offered by Enhancement packs. But I do know first hand – especially from SAPPHIRE and TECHED conversations with customers, that several of them want to start using them in 2013.  This should be good not just for technical experts – but also for functional experts whose knowledge is needed to pick what functionality needs to be switched on.

4. Visual Intelligence :  This needs me to go out on a limb – but everyone whom I have shown the tool has liked it. It is much more user friendly than most other SAP reporting tools. I have a strong hunch that 2013 will see a lot of traction in the market.

5. SuccessFactors + SAP HR : I understand that the integration needs more work – but there is tremendous interest from On premises SAP HR customers to start using SFSF. SAP definitely is doing the right thing in sales and marketing already in 2012 – and customers should be able to start seeing work in this area in 2013.

6. Automated Testing : I have lost count of how many customers have asked me about automated testing for SAP solutions. If you are an expert in testing, 2013 might be a great year for you. Whether it is done using SAP tools, or will third party tools win the race remains to be seen, especially when it comes to automated testing of interfaces.

7. Enterprise Information Management : Data continues to be vitally important at SAP shops. I expect MDG and Data services to be in hot demand in 2013, probably followed by MDM. The big issue I see is that very few consultants have the ability to explain the cost of bad data to business stakeholders. Just profiling data and saying 70% of customer data is bad is not helpful. If you can then use that analysis and say ” 23% of your shipments will be returned” , will get some one’s attention in a hurry.
That is it this time – let me know what you think. And hope everyone had a great thanks giving


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  1. sai says:

    what would be the role if any in SAP S/4 HANA for SAP Functional consultants


  2. narayan dutta says:

    Hi Vijay.

    What else software field is demanding in USA right now.


    1. murali says:

      hi sir,in 2018
      sap modules relevant to cloud are demanding


  3. david says:


    This is david from salem.tamilnadu and thinking to enter into sap job market.iam cs grad from Nit,surathkal.can you let me know in demand techno-functiona lmodules -sap in demand from job market perspective.-2015?
    or may be pass on some link to know about job market?

    Happy Year-2015

    Thanks and Regards


    1. Unfortunately, I have been out of the SAP market for a little while now, David. So I am hesitant to give you any advice now


      1. david says:

        It might be helpful,if you can give some idea on what sap module might be in demand in the coming years for starters(computer science graduates) who are starting sap journey?Many people might benefit from experienced opinions.


      2. Unfortunately, i am out of the field now and hence not able to provide any informed opinion


  4. ramesh says:

    Sap is currently a pretty good system.But with the new age nano chips.It might loose its steam.Hana looks promising at microlevel quadracore processors.


  5. US says:

    I am a chartered accountant with 7 years of experience in accounting and finance. I want to pursue SAP FI, can you please enlighten me about the scope and prospects. I am hoping to do 4 years in India and then migrate to the UK as I have an ancestral British Passport. Your comments are anticipated and appreciated.



    1. While SAP FI is a pretty good system with a lot of users, it is not exactly a growing business as far as I can see for a new consultant to have a fair shot. It is a crowded market


  6. rajguru says:

    i need your help , i did my graduation in computer science & engineering and i am fresher. currently i am thinking about to do SAP.SO what should i do? i have already inquired about SAP they told me to do SAP ABAP module.SO is there future scope for me in SAP ABAP module? OR would you like to prefer me some other module.
    i have already asked for opinions about SAP to my friends and persons from industry but i have got 50-50% opinions from them .Currently i am confused so what should i do whether i go for it or not?


  7. prashant k says:

    What is the future of SAP-SD. I have 7 years of experience in the same. ? Should I go for any other specialization like CRM or CS


    1. SD is one of the evergreen modules . But CRM is an excellent addition to it . Future of consulting is all about polyglots


  8. Raja Mudaliar says:

    Any SAP skillset should be accompanied with additional skills would add value, EXample- SD + VISTEX exposure; MM + WM; PP + QM/PM; FI + CO; ABAP + any one module sound knowledge


    1. Good point Raja – makes sense to have multiple skills. That is one of the best job security measures too in the era of outsourcing


  9. Joe says:

    I am working as Business Objects Developer for 7 years. As BO job market is not good at USA NY area, I am planning to do SAP BW and get into SAP BI. Will it be right decision as of now or SAP BW saturated.Please let me know.


    1. For consultants , BW is a saturated market in my view . However there are very few BW consultants who know BI4.x at a detailed level . So in your case , it might work out ok if NY area needs those skills .


      1. Joe says:

        Thanks for comments on SAP BW. Please let me know what you refer by “BI4.x at a detailed level”.
        Will SAP HANA be a right choice to improve my skill set along with Business Objects.


  10. ExpertPlug says:

    Great article! Provide so much useful insights of SAP market! Here we also have an analysis of worldwide SAP job market trends that you and your audience may find interesting! Feel free to share it and we welcome your comments and suggestions!


  11. pradeep akula says:

    Hello Vijay,

    Your blogs were very useful and Informative .I liked the points 1,2,3 .



  12. Prateek says:

    Prateek this side . I am trained in SAP ABAP and got a project In ISU where i am working in the billing team for past 8 months .I would appreciate if you could advice me what to do to grow in this indudtry. Is utilities a good sector to get a start in the career.Could you suggest me some areas to grow as an SAP consultant.
    kindly advice


    1. Utilities is a great industry to focus on – with a lot of big data possibilities . Same with billing – it is a unique skillet and condition technique etc are useful in other applications too. I think your career is off to a great start


      1. Ajay P says:

        Is ISU a complete functional side of SAP …..since i am not so intrested in coding but i understand t very well…..


      2. Can’t separate functional and technical arbitrarily in business suite / 2 sides of the same coin


  13. harshini says:

    I am Harshini, I recently joined a big IT company as a fresher, I have done my B.Tech (mechanical), and after joining this company, they have given me SAP SD as my domain and I am attending the training right now. I just want to know that what is the future of SAP SD in coming few years? and what are the opportunities in outside India?


    1. SD is one of those ever green modules in SAP world . But it also means that you have to work really hard to be noticed in a sea of experts and not get stuck in a support role for ever


    2. Samir Parida says:

      May I know which IT company hiring fresher for SAP.


  14. kumar says:

    i am kumar at 35 i completed Bsc graduate i doing business i want to shift my carrier to IT sector bkz my business has doomed some of my Friends suggests to SAP Hana is it good that after completing sap hana i got job plz give suggestions for my carrier thnk U


  15. MSG says:

    I have 4yrs of experience in banking and 2.5yrs in manual testing. Can i opt for SAP FI/CO certification? How good is the demand for SAP in India?


  16. rajiv says:

    Hi Mr. Vijay,
    i am Rajiv, having 8 years industrial marketing exp with (mech) and MBA (Marketing) background. would like to do Sales and Development module in SAP and migrate into IT sector for better prospects.
    i would appreciate if you could advice me whether this would be viable or not. if not, is there any way out.
    kindly advice.


  17. ashutosh says:

    hello frnd,
    i have joined in one company as sap b.i. trainee in india .
    i am fresher (i.t.) is it good for my career
    plz advise me…
    i am confused..


  18. Sourav says:

    I am an M.Sc in Computer Science and passing out this year.I want to take a training in sap abap. How is the market for sap abap in 2013? Will this certification help me get a job.Please Reply.


    1. ABAP is a saturated market . I would urge you to get into cloud or Hana at this stage


  19. Shubh says:

    I have just got trained on BI 7.0 though have 2 years of experience on Different ERP application on HR system. But still not getting any job on SAP BW/BI ass a freshers. Please help me.


  20. itissap says:

    SAP market especially hcm has been very bad in 2013 in asia. I am above 9 yrs experience and cannot find a suitable jobs in the asia market. But a lot of sap jobs are offered to less than 6 months freshers. So my conclusion is employers now prefer cheap, fresh consultant than the more experience.


  21. Jit says:

    I am a BSc graduate & 35 yrs old from Calcutta,India. What is the market for SAP SD for a person like me with an MBA in Marketing & 4 years experience in fmcg/pharma sales?


  22. Aruna says:

    I agree with Manigandan, what about the people who are having good exposure in core hr??
    MNCs are prefering more fresh college pass outs and igoring people who are good in core HR….so for those people getting a job in SAP as a fresher is a Miracle………Really hopeless


  23. Manigandan.S says:

    Now a days people who doesn’t aware of this software is started using if it continues it will lost his image among the youngsters….


  24. Samir Parida says:

    What about SAP HCM job market in 2013 for fresher in India. Freshers difficult to get a chance if they are certified than also its tough so what is for non certified.


    1. I don’t know for sure – but freshers seem to have better prospects in India than in US from what I have observed . I think an entry level SAP job might still be possible in Indian SIs for people coming out of college


  25. @EstebanBdL says:

    Visual Intelligence is far from being a tool nor platform from which a SAP Consultant can drive a practice and show expertice. I really don´t know what R&D team was in charge of this BOBJ spinoff but it clearly doesnt look orchestrated. Something like that is going on with Predictive Analysis, but that tool has a lot more future considering the current BI platform´s lack of this functionality. Visual Intelligence needs to be IMO part of the entire BA&T stack and not just a QV battle plan.


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