SAP SAPPHIRENOW 2012 – some expectations

The annual pilgrimage to SAPPHIRENOW is only a couple of weeks away from now.  SAP CEOs have announced a five pronged strategy that includes mobility, analytics, database, cloud and apps. Right off the bat – I am not a fan of this “5 market” strategy, given the “kitchen sink” approach. SAP just comes off asContinue reading “SAP SAPPHIRENOW 2012 – some expectations”

As HANA matures, where should SAP focus?

It is not news that SAP is betting the farm on HANA. SAP’s sales and marketing organizations have done a tremendous job in making sure the HANA message is delivered loud and clear to its customer base.  SAP sold more that 100M Euros worth of HANA last year , and will probably do much biggerContinue reading “As HANA matures, where should SAP focus?”

SAP Mobility solutions – Should SI’s play or stay on sidelines?

As many of you know – all my professional life, I have worked for System Integrators – both big and small. And as a result, every time there is something new in enterprise software, I am curious to see if SIs have any role to play , or whether they should just sit it out. Continue reading “SAP Mobility solutions – Should SI’s play or stay on sidelines?”