Now I believe SAP is serious about collaboration

I had an unusually busy day today, and consequently missed out “officially” congratulating my buddy  Sameer Patel and SAP when he broke the news on twitter and on his blog  Of course I knew about it for a while since he and I had discussed this a few times as he was considering theContinue reading “Now I believe SAP is serious about collaboration”

Enterprise 2.0 – another “build and they will come”?

I already un-followed several people on twitter because I could not stand any more E2.0 trivia being hurled at me. I have hardly seen anything new being said about it. And no –  just by adding “social” and “collaborative ” to every sentence does not make you or your idea look smart. I earn a livingContinue reading “Enterprise 2.0 – another “build and they will come”?”