Few more post election thoughts 

In no particular order …
1. Peaceful protests are legal and a part of our culture . It can’t be denied and it’s a much needed venting mechanism . It might also give the young people a life lesson on how to be active about things they should care about , including voting 
2. Trump won fair and square . Clinton won popular vote by just 0.2% and there is no trophy for that . Saying “Trump didn’t win, she lost” doesn’t change the truth that he won by a bigger margin than most of us ever expected .
3. Trump is the president elect now . There is only one President for the whole country . There is no such thing as “he is not my president”. Calling him names is just an insult to the office he got elected to . If we care about democracy , we should give the guy a chance unlike how GOP obstructed Obama throughout . Nobody wins if we keep obstructing for the sake of obstructing ! 
4. If you don’t like Trump or GOP , work at grass root level to get democrats to power – both in legislature as well as Whitehouse next time . If he does something crazy – let’s protest it by all means. Same for GOP – listen to people and inspire them , pls don’t resort to fear mongering as primary strategy 
5. If we consider the global economy , every thing we try to get to a stalemate is an opportunity we are giving China and others to gain an upper hand . 
6. If you really want to make a long term difference and don’t want a repeat of Trump vs Clinton type for other elections – invest in education today so that a more intelligent generation follows ours . 
7. Lets give leadership opportunities to the next generation of leaders on both parties . Let’s change what “establishment” means by driving change at all levels . Let’s bring the focus to “people” ! 
8. Social media is fun , but not representative of the nation . Let’a please not forget that many of us live in a bubble we create by selection bias 


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Son/Husband/Dad/Dog Lover/Engineer. Follow me on twitter @vijayasankarv. These blogs are all my personal views - and not in way related to my employer or past employers

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