The sun rose today, and it will rise tomorrow as well 

Like most of you , I too was up till 2 AM following the election results and experiencing it’s associated mood swings . I certainly was not a Trump supporter and didn’t expect him to win . I don’t like Clinton either – just for different reasons . Between the two , I was hoping for Clinton to win . I went through publicly available polling data over last few days and concluded , semi scientifically , that Trump at best only had a 30% or so chance to win . I was wrong – dead wrong – and so were a lot of others that I know .

I am middle of the road on my political leanings – fiscally conservative and socially liberal . I also firmly believe that in a democracy , I can’t pick and choose and apply random criteria . People of this country voted and Trump won fair and square . He now has my respect as the President , irrespective of whether I like him or not as a person . It’s difficult , but I am optimistic that it will be fine . The sun rose today , and it will rise tomorrow as well .

But there are important learnings for all of us here , well at least for me for sure 🙂

1. Trump listened to the pain of the people – and Clinton and many of us did not get it . He appealed to the insecurities ( perceived or real ) and got rewarded . Rest of us didn’t – and he won . If you miss the pulse of the majority of  people you deserve to lose . Few months ago I. Atlanta – I had an African American uber driver who told me he will vote for Trump because he is against gay marriage . On a national scale , I didn’t realize how many such people exist and how ignorant we are of the “silent trump supporters” .  Social media created a bubble for many of us – real world is still far removed from social media and that is something I will never forget ever again !

2. Campaigning and governing are not the same . When you campaign , essentially you are pleading  to the majority as defined by electoral college votes . When governing you are everyone’s president and you can’t just think of the voters who took your side . It remains to be seen if Trump has any real solutions to back up his rhetoric of making America great again. I am not a fan of Obamacare – but I am not sure if he has. Ought through sufficiently on what to replace it with . Last thing we need is it to be repealed and replaced with something that doesn’t work .

3. Big solutions might be out of the box in nature . Building the wall , deporting illegals etc are not pragmatic . But then I didn’t see Narendra Modi making 1000 and 500 rupees notes illegal over night to curb black money either . Does Trump have such tricks up his sleeve ? I haven’t seen clues – but I hope he does have great big plans that will pleasantly surprise us .

4. House , Senate and President are all going to be from the same party now . Checks and balances were built into the constitution for a good reason . When democrats had all three , they passed Obamacare that was poorly written and poorly implemented . I am waiting to see if GOP will do any better when they own all parts of government

5. Trump is a business man and I am sure he understands the difference between marketing and execution . I have a lot of Muslims , LGBTs, minorities  and immigrants as my friends and I am super worried for their rights . I hope and pray their rights are not infringed like he told us in his campaign speeches . I don’t honestly think – despite my own multiple jabs – that Old Testament will replace the constitution of this country . Over time I fully expect Trump and the legislature to win our confidence and trust .

6. We should worry about each other more than about the president honestly . A nasty Election season has driven big wedges amongst us . Clinton and Trump were rich and famous and will continue to be so , and will both shake hands and move on . I worry about the rest of us being able to forgive and forget . A good start will be to stop shaming each other from today on how we voted . It’s over , and there are miles to go before we sleep !


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5 thoughts on “The sun rose today, and it will rise tomorrow as well 

  1. I’m also a libertarian leaning independent(fiscally conservative and socially liberal) and I came to the same conclusion that Clinton could be a better choice.
    So I was shocked by the result for a few minutes. But then I thought about the potential positives — less wars = less deaths and a more peaceful world so it “might” not be all bad after all.
    On Obamacare, as far as I can see it is already falling apart by itself without any repeal efforts.
    One of my relatives was forced to switch to Obamacare due to the premiums of the individual plan more than doubled without a subsidy. It was actually better with the subsidy for about 2 years but now not only the pre-subsidy premium tripled. deductibles go way up, doctors fleeing the network, and participating insurance companies reduced to 3 from 10 or so. (News said in Arizona only 1 choice per county, even worse) I suspect Clinton might have lost more votes due to this than the FBI thing. I really hope President Trump would come up with something more sustainable. I’m skeptical but would like to think positively…


  2. With the sheer size and momentum of the Nation, I’m sure most of the core American institutions will function ‘Business as usual’ irrespective of who stays on the top.
    I’m sure Trump’s rhetoric will be softened once he enters the Oval office.
    The sucker for me personally is – to see his stupid face and listen his dumb voice on a daily basis for the next 4 years 😦


  3. The only point which I agree with Trump is the amount of money being spent on wars,6 trillion dollars spent on Afghanistan, Iraq and middle east wars seems like it happened for good and US can now focus on domestic issues rather than policing world .


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