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WordPress sent me a nice little summary at the end of the year on statistics for my blog . Every year , my blog readership has increased by 100% – but from 2012 to 2013 , it only increased about 10% . Can’t say exactly why that is the case – but probably because I have exhausted friends and family who have any interest in my rants or maybe I should say something more grandiose like “at some scale, it gets harder to grow by big numbers “. Pretty sure it is the former 🙂

More important than the number of readers – I am glad that several took the time to comment on the blog and on twitter etc . That is what satisfies me more as a blogger – the conversation it drives is what makes it worthwhile .


After 4 years , I did get around to paying wordpress to make my site . And the new theme with white background seems to work better for most readers compared to the black background I used before . Thanks for pushing me to do that .

These are the posts that got the most views in 2013


3 out of the top 5 were from before 2013, including the number one most read blog – my predictions for SAP consultants in 2013 that I wrote in 2012 . I stopped that series since I joined SAP since I cannot think of myself as an objective person on that topic .

Here is where the traffic came from – which again was quite predictable .


It was good to see I have readers from 132 countries – with USA, India and Germany taking top 3 ranks .


I write a lot about SAP usually – but in 2013 , I largely stayed away from SAP topics . That is my plan going forward too – Most of the best content on SAP has always come from ecosystem (Appleby, Howlett, Reed, Pazahanic and several other excellent commentators ) and not from employees . There are a few exceptions like my friends Ingo Hilgefort and Thomas Jung and few others with that kind of deep expertise . I would rather read and link to their posts than write something – unless I strongly feel like doing so .

What was very special about 2013 as a blogger was the idea of blog chains – like the one on talent where Chris Paine, Jon Reed and I wrote blogs complimenting and challenging each other’s POVs . That was a very interesting experience – something I really look forward to in 2014. The topic of “talent” definitely was popular given I had probably 10X more back channel conversations than public comments on that post .

2013 was also the year when I got really comfortable blogging on my phone . I am sure the quality of my posts might be better if I wrote it on a larger form factor – but for my level of amateur blogging , phone is plenty good . I don’t think I will get around to spell checking and proof reading my posts in 2014 either . I appreciate my readers bearing with my “lazy” style .

Last but not least – it was a good thing for me to stay away from blogging for a month in 2013, topped only by staying away from twitter for a month . It definitely helped me gain some perspective – getting away from social media is a fantastic experience . I would recommend it to everyone .

Thanks everyone for all your support in 2013 and looking forward to more of that in 2014 . Happy new year !

[All images in this post are courtesy of WordPress , taken from their summary of my blog]


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12 thoughts on “AndVijaySays in 2013

  1. I can tell you that I have nearly completely stopped reading your blog in 2013. There is one big reason: since you joined SAP you’re not anymore neutral and you don’t comment publicly the ideas that could harm your employer. That’s a big loss for us. A smart move from SAP: hiring you silenced a critical voice.

    I wish you the best and hope you’re free to give your insight to your employer from inside.


    1. You are right partly – I don’t blog about SAP much since I became an employee . This is not because SAP hired me to silence me – it is because of two things
      1. As an SAP employee , I don’t think a reader will take me as a credible voice when it comes to SAP topics . This is also why I rarely said anything about IBM too while I worked there .

      2. I know a lot of things that cannot be discussed in public domain because of legal and commercial reasons . So by not blogging – I just try to prevent accidentally talking about those


      1. Vijay, I really appreciate your honesty. That’s why I used to follow you. You know the downside of it: your blog may have lost interest for readers looking for neutral SAP opinion. There is not much of this elsewhere and you were one light in the darkness. I sincerely wish that your views are getting into something effective inside SAP. I do enjoy your recent posts too, it is only that I don’t go out of my way to look for them as often as I used to.


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