No resolutions for 2014, just some hopes and dreams

Happy 2014 everyone !

I have no new year resolutions – those don’t work very well , at least for me anyway. I do have some hopes though for the new year

First – I hope the US becomes a less divided country . We should stop letting MSNBC and FOX dictate our value systems . Let’s fully involve in Church and State , but keep them away from each other . Let’s not blindly believe what “our party” stands for today – and do a bit of critical thinking on what we choose to take and what we choose to throw away . Let’s unite against violence of all forms – within and outside this country . Let’s live and let live without extreme prejudice . Let’s try and fail , and try again till we get things reasonably right .

In India – I hope AAP will change the face of politics for good . The fact that they won against Congress and BJP is excellent news in itself . India is used to a socialist governance model – and AAP has a very socialist agenda , including their plans for economy . I can only hope that they don’t go back to the subsidy and reservation culture of yesteryears . In any case – a welcome change from incumbents , and let’s hope they can scale across India . I hope the anti-gay laws in India are taken away for good . I seriously hope they just don’t kick the ball between Judiciary and Executive and Legislature . It is legislature’s job to get it right for good. I also hope India becomes safer for women in 2014 – we certainly don’t need more gang rapes . This can’t be done by government alone – this needs society to do serious introspection and go through a painful change in how women are looked up on .

Between US and India , I hope they do away with the diplomatic issues quickly . World has more important problems that need these two countries to work together . Take away “official” maid service for diplomats – if the rest of us can wash our clothes and cook our dinner , a diplomat can do that too .

On IT front – I hope companies get to a better mix of services and product development . Let’s not spend 2014 mostly on “my puppy is better/faster/cheaper than your puppy” – let our “pups” aka products and services speak for themselves . Especially for Indian IT companies , I hope 2014 will see better employee satisfaction . In general – I seriously hope I don’t see another CIO vs CMO or Business vs IT rehash. There are no new angles here and I am so incredibly bored .

I have no expectations of cloud , databases , mobile, BI etc to do something earth shattering in 2014. They will all no doubt grow in the right direction – assuming we get the hype out of the way . IT World doesn’t need another SOA type cycle , if you know what I mean .

On personal front – I hope like most parents that my daughter continues to grow up into a responsible person , and enjoy her childhood . I also wish I lost some weight . I will definitely try to spend some more time with family and take all the vacation I can . I hope my older dog Boss continues to be in good health , the 5 year old Hobo continues to be the kind hearted good that he is , and the little guy Ollie grows up to be a well socialized dog . I would like Ollie to also be a good show dog – but that is not a deal breaker . I hope I can help my wifey a little more around the house in 2014 🙂

That is it – no resolutions , just some hopes and dreams !

Have a good one folks – cheers



  1. It’s unfortunate every country has(?) to be divided internally and focus on fighting each other instead of real issues. In Ukraine those are pro-Russians against pro-Europeans; in Poland – ultra-conservatists against liberals. While all of us have to think more and more in categories of planet Earth.
    Happy New Year and good luck with your personal wishes!


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