No resolutions for 2014, just some hopes and dreams

Happy 2014 everyone !

I have no new year resolutions – those don’t work very well , at least for me anyway. I do have some hopes though for the new year

First – I hope the US becomes a less divided country . We should stop letting MSNBC and FOX dictate our value systems . Let’s fully involve in Church and State , but keep them away from each other . Let’s not blindly believe what “our party” stands for today – and do a bit of critical thinking on what we choose to take and what we choose to throw away . Let’s unite against violence of all forms – within and outside this country . Let’s live and let live without extreme prejudice . Let’s try and fail , and try again till we get things reasonably right .

In India – I hope AAP will change the face of politics for good . The fact that they won against Congress and BJP is excellent news in itself . India is used to a socialist governance model – and AAP has a very socialist agenda , including their plans for economy . I can only hope that they don’t go back to the subsidy and reservation culture of yesteryears . In any case – a welcome change from incumbents , and let’s hope they can scale across India . I hope the anti-gay laws in India are taken away for good . I seriously hope they just don’t kick the ball between Judiciary and Executive and Legislature . It is legislature’s job to get it right for good. I also hope India becomes safer for women in 2014 – we certainly don’t need more gang rapes . This can’t be done by government alone – this needs society to do serious introspection and go through a painful change in how women are looked up on .

Between US and India , I hope they do away with the diplomatic issues quickly . World has more important problems that need these two countries to work together . Take away “official” maid service for diplomats – if the rest of us can wash our clothes and cook our dinner , a diplomat can do that too .

On IT front – I hope companies get to a better mix of services and product development . Let’s not spend 2014 mostly on “my puppy is better/faster/cheaper than your puppy” – let our “pups” aka products and services speak for themselves . Especially for Indian IT companies , I hope 2014 will see better employee satisfaction . In general – I seriously hope I don’t see another CIO vs CMO or Business vs IT rehash. There are no new angles here and I am so incredibly bored .

I have no expectations of cloud , databases , mobile, BI etc to do something earth shattering in 2014. They will all no doubt grow in the right direction – assuming we get the hype out of the way . IT World doesn’t need another SOA type cycle , if you know what I mean .

On personal front – I hope like most parents that my daughter continues to grow up into a responsible person , and enjoy her childhood . I also wish I lost some weight . I will definitely try to spend some more time with family and take all the vacation I can . I hope my older dog Boss continues to be in good health , the 5 year old Hobo continues to be the kind hearted good that he is , and the little guy Ollie grows up to be a well socialized dog . I would like Ollie to also be a good show dog – but that is not a deal breaker . I hope I can help my wifey a little more around the house in 2014 🙂

That is it – no resolutions , just some hopes and dreams !

Have a good one folks – cheers


Published by Vijay Vijayasankar

Son/Husband/Dad/Dog Lover/Engineer. Follow me on twitter @vijayasankarv. These blogs are all my personal views - and not in way related to my employer or past employers

8 thoughts on “No resolutions for 2014, just some hopes and dreams

  1. It’s unfortunate every country has(?) to be divided internally and focus on fighting each other instead of real issues. In Ukraine those are pro-Russians against pro-Europeans; in Poland – ultra-conservatists against liberals. While all of us have to think more and more in categories of planet Earth.
    Happy New Year and good luck with your personal wishes!


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