Geeks , Suits and Their Database Choices

Who chooses the database for an application? how do those decisions get made in a company ? Is it a suit or a geek or both ? Conventional wisdom says geeks are the best qualified to decide on a database, and suits are better for selecting applications – especially packaged applications. I think the conventionalContinue reading “Geeks , Suits and Their Database Choices”

Max Schireson, the most unusual CEO I know

My boss, Max Schireson, announced yesterday that he is stepping aside as the CEO of MongoDB and will become the deputy Chairman of our board. And he probably wrote the best piece ever that I have read from an outgoing CEO .   Last year, when I was considering employment at MongoDB – there wereContinue reading “Max Schireson, the most unusual CEO I know”

MongoDB for the SAP Community

One of the most common questions I get from my friends from the SAP ecosystem is how MongoDB works with SAP. So I thought I will pen some initial thoughts on how I see the technologies working together.  NOTE : Please don’t look at this as an official roadmap or anything – this is justContinue reading “MongoDB for the SAP Community”