So You Badly Want To Do Self Service BI, eh?

Every one and his neighbor wants self service BI. What does it take to get it? Is it even reasonable to expect that significant parts of BI can be self service enabled?   For one, self service is loosely defined, at least in the BI world.   First – no enterprise BI tool is reallyContinue reading “So You Badly Want To Do Self Service BI, eh?”

Too much of analysis + Too little of synthesis = Sub-optimal decisions

I remember a high school lesson on analysis and synthesis – with the teacher emphasising why they should always go hand-in-hand in a complimentary manner. It apparently did not register very deeply in my mind – and for a number of years, I was a bigger fan of analysis than one of synthesis.  Higher educationContinue reading “Too much of analysis + Too little of synthesis = Sub-optimal decisions”

Context is everything

This happened in the year 2000. I am fairly new to USA, and sitting in my client’s IT offices in Colorado Springs,CO. It is close to lunch break – and my mobile rings. I pick it up – and it is my dear friend from India. A minute later I am telling him – in an exasperatedContinue reading “Context is everything”