The slippery slope of predictive Analytics

I am not the biggest football fan around – I am a big fan of cricket though. And despite my day job is about making sense of data – I don’t use much of quantitative methods when it comes to sports . I think it takes away my excitement . After the Super Bowl gameContinue reading “The slippery slope of predictive Analytics”

Big Data Solutions – Do Questions Matter ?

I have Ray Wang to thank for this post. Off late, I have a serious problem of writers block. I just cant find a topic interesting enough to write about, and consequently have become a ratherirregular blogger – at least compared to last year. Any way – back to the topic of this post. RayContinue reading “Big Data Solutions – Do Questions Matter ?”

Strategy Based On Data – Will What Worked For The Campaign Work For Governance Too?

So President Obama won a second term. Congratulations to POTUS and all my friends who supported him.  And I do feel bad for several friends who genuinely feel bad that Romney did not win . I didn’t think either candidate had it in them to help this country prosper.  The ideal candidate in my mindContinue reading “Strategy Based On Data – Will What Worked For The Campaign Work For Governance Too?”