The slippery slope of predictive Analytics

I am not the biggest football fan around – I am a big fan of cricket though. And despite my day job is about making sense of data – I don’t use much of quantitative methods when it comes to sports . I think it takes away my excitement . After the Super Bowl gameContinue reading “The slippery slope of predictive Analytics”

Big Data Solutions – Do Questions Matter ?

I have Ray Wang to thank for this post. Off late, I have a serious problem of writers block. I just cant find a topic interesting enough to write about, and consequently have become a ratherirregular blogger – at least compared to last year. Any way – back to the topic of this post. RayContinue reading “Big Data Solutions – Do Questions Matter ?”

Strategy Based On Data – Will What Worked For The Campaign Work For Governance Too?

So President Obama won a second term. Congratulations to POTUS and all my friends who supported him.  And I do feel bad for several friends who genuinely feel bad that Romney did not win . I didn’t think either candidate had it in them to help this country prosper.  The ideal candidate in my mindContinue reading “Strategy Based On Data – Will What Worked For The Campaign Work For Governance Too?”

IBM Watson – what better use of analytics than fighting cancer ?

From 1992 – when I joined the mechanical engineering degree class in TKM College, till today – I have been a fan of Analytics.In fact, I am pretty sure it is the engineering education that put this fascination in me. And it was my statistics professor Mr. Kalyanaraman who took it to the next level.Continue reading “IBM Watson – what better use of analytics than fighting cancer ?”

Context is everything

This happened in the year 2000. I am fairly new to USA, and sitting in my client’s IT offices in Colorado Springs,CO. It is close to lunch break – and my mobile rings. I pick it up – and it is my dear friend from India. A minute later I am telling him – in an exasperatedContinue reading “Context is everything”