On Business, IT And Artificial Distinctions

Whoever started the concept of IT treating Business as a customer did a big disservice to the world. Don’t get me wrong – I grew up thinking that Business is the dog, and IT is its tail, and the tail does not get to wag the dog. My thinking has evolved a lot recently, mostlyContinue reading “On Business, IT And Artificial Distinctions”

I Get It – Middle Of The Road Is Boring, And Won’t Win Elections

It is always election season – there is an election campaign going on somewhere in USA almost at any random point in time. Consequently we have been bombarded with messages on all media. I am a fan of social media, and if there is one reason I will get out of it – it willContinue reading “I Get It – Middle Of The Road Is Boring, And Won’t Win Elections”

Workday IPO – First Impressions

So the much anticipated IPO of Workday is here. http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1327811/000119312512375787/d385110ds1.htm#toc385110_13  . Pretty detailed S-1 too. I just flipped through it and also read Dennis Howlett’s blog on it on ZDNET. The best part of this is that the founders have a long term plan to keep control of the company, and virtually eliminate chances ofContinue reading “Workday IPO – First Impressions”