On Business, IT And Artificial Distinctions

Whoever started the concept of IT treating Business as a customer did a big disservice to the world. Don’t get me wrong – I grew up thinking that Business is the dog, and IT is its tail, and the tail does not get to wag the dog. My thinking has evolved a lot recently, mostlyContinue reading “On Business, IT And Artificial Distinctions”

I Get It – Middle Of The Road Is Boring, And Won’t Win Elections

It is always election season – there is an election campaign going on somewhere in USA almost at any random point in time. Consequently we have been bombarded with messages on all media. I am a fan of social media, and if there is one reason I will get out of it – it willContinue reading “I Get It – Middle Of The Road Is Boring, And Won’t Win Elections”

Workday IPO – First Impressions

So the much anticipated IPO of Workday is here. http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1327811/000119312512375787/d385110ds1.htm#toc385110_13  . Pretty detailed S-1 too. I just flipped through it and also read Dennis Howlett’s blog on it on ZDNET. The best part of this is that the founders have a long term plan to keep control of the company, and virtually eliminate chances ofContinue reading “Workday IPO – First Impressions”

When Private Sector Sucks As Much As Public Sector In India

As an Indian living and working in US, I am interested in the political and economical development in both countries. In the US – since this is election season, there is a lot of rhetoric on the extreme sides of the spectrum. One side wants extreme role for government and another wants minimum possible governmentContinue reading “When Private Sector Sucks As Much As Public Sector In India”

Not Even Apple Can Keep The Market Happy

So AAPL announced its Q3 results – and next thing we know its shares took a beating – almost down 5% in after hours trading when I looked. Did anything change fundamentally for AAPL to deserve this brutal treatment from investors? I doubt it – they are just paying the price for being a veryContinue reading “Not Even Apple Can Keep The Market Happy”

Indian Political Economy – a crazy balancing act

When Pranab Mukherjee was selected as the presidential candidate by Congress, the first thought that crossed my mind was that Manmohan Singh can now do something right about the economy.  But given elections are just 2 years away – I seriously worry if populist measures will overtake good economic decisions. India is a diverse country,Continue reading “Indian Political Economy – a crazy balancing act”

Shelf life of innovaton

To begin with – I wonder if someone will argue with me if I just say “there are only so many original ideas in this world”.  I am sure someone would – I can think of a few people I know on social media who hold a different view. In any case – I firmlyContinue reading “Shelf life of innovaton”

Online Social Media – how much does it actually influence buying decisions ?

As a consumer, I am influenced by online social media. But the bigger the purchase, the less I am influenced by “online” social media, and more by “offline” social media. I won’t try a new restaurant without checking yelp reviews.I won’t buy a book without reading what others say in Amazon. I won’t buy aContinue reading “Online Social Media – how much does it actually influence buying decisions ?”

Big data – because it “can” deliver you huge value doesn’t mean it “will”

Big data is the talk of the town in social media, and has picked up some interest amongst customers too.I had a series of big data conversations this week with customers, colleagues and friends and thought I will share some here. As always – these are just my personal ramblings, not my employer’s views. InContinue reading “Big data – because it “can” deliver you huge value doesn’t mean it “will””