Should we be more targeted and holistic in tackling the Corona virus pandemic ?

I have been staying at home for the past week or so since I returned from India . All my global team is working from home too and we are all getting used to the idea of 100% work from home as the new normal . Earlier today, I heard from my mom about theContinue reading “Should we be more targeted and holistic in tackling the Corona virus pandemic ?”

How will the IT services world look post Corona pandemic ?

It’s been a difficult few weeks for me personally . First I lost Hobo . Then I had to rush to India since my father fell critically ill and passed away . It was not clear if or when I could return to US given the Corona virus situation – and after being away forContinue reading “How will the IT services world look post Corona pandemic ?”

Managing Top Talent – Lessons from Indian Politics

I have now been in India for the last couple of weeks. Even though I am a US citizen now, I have followed Indian politics with great interest all my life . I have always stayed away from political party affiliations all my life – both when I lived in India as well as whenContinue reading “Managing Top Talent – Lessons from Indian Politics”

Hobo Vijayasankar – 12/31/2009 to 2/21/2020

Hobo joined our family on our daughter Shreya’s fourth birthday when he was about 8 weeks old . We picked him up after her birthday party from his breeder Marci Sale’s house in Gilbert . He rode back home on Dhanya’s lap and I remember him squirming the entire way back. Sitting still was notContinue reading “Hobo Vijayasankar – 12/31/2009 to 2/21/2020”

Are Finance and Operations people evil and clueless ?

There are probably very few people in the corporate world who haven’t had this thought at some point in their careers – and it probably is the primary belief system of many line executives . I used to be one of them – and from time to time, I still slip into that mindset –Continue reading “Are Finance and Operations people evil and clueless ?”

Balancing the focus on outcomes and enjoying the process

I have been a coffee drinker from the time I was a five year old . I grew up with my paternal grandparents ( Dad and mom stayed in a distant town where the factory he worked for was situated and that place didn’t have good schools ) who were both coffee drinkers and IContinue reading “Balancing the focus on outcomes and enjoying the process”

Watching the second CEO transition at IBM

Yesterday evening I had just finished a conference call when my phone lit up with slack messages , WhatsApp messages and calls all together about Arvind Krishna being appointed as our new CEO . Obviously a big moment for all of us . This is the second time I have watched a CEO transition here,Continue reading “Watching the second CEO transition at IBM”