How many chiefs do we really need ?

Having “Chief” in your title is pretty awesome . I am friends with several people who have “Chief” in their title and they are rightfully proud of it – and I am very proud of them for getting to those important career milestones. I have my own ambitions on this matter – some day IContinue reading “How many chiefs do we really need ?”

The side effects of “seamless” work life integration

The smart people that I listen to have been saying for some time that I should think about the issue of “work life balance” more as work – life integration and it will be easier to make sense that way . Their infinite wisdom was that I will find a lot of useful things thatContinue reading “The side effects of “seamless” work life integration”

Low code – how much of the promise can it really deliver ?

This blog you are reading is written on a “low code” system – it is a wordpress blog where I have not used any custom coding at all. I could have – and I am an experienced developer. And yet I chose to not even touch html or CSS because it works for my limitedContinue reading “Low code – how much of the promise can it really deliver ?”

Nothing but gratitude for both India and USA

It was August 9, 1999 when I left my home in a train for Mumbai with a suitcase I borrowed from my aunt . I was home sick within about twenty minutes into that two day train ride, but also very excited to join TCS as a trainee in their Borivali campus – called theContinue reading “Nothing but gratitude for both India and USA”

A strictly personal take on multi cloud

This is one of those topics where my employer IBM has a vested interest and consequently I need to state upfront that what I say below is strictly my own views from my limited view of the large enterprise world. My personal experience over the last couple of decades has been in the very largeContinue reading “A strictly personal take on multi cloud”

The DIY movement in IT – what does it take to succeed ?

A few days ago, my friend Frank Scavo wrote about the pendulum starting to swing from commercial software to custom built software .  Today morning, I listened to his podcast with another common friend Den Howlett . I would highly encourage you to read Frank’s blog and listen to the podcast. The movement to DIYContinue reading “The DIY movement in IT – what does it take to succeed ?”

Book Review : Tim Cook, The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level

I bought this book on Amazon Prime to read on a plane ride last week to Austin, and the round trip was all the time I needed to finish it, that too at a leisurely pace. I loved Walter Isaacson’s take on Steve Jobs when it came out and expected a similar in-depth treatment onContinue reading “Book Review : Tim Cook, The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level”

Scaled Agile does not cure the lack of engineering maturity

Scaled Agile has the status of a religion in many tech shops I know. Like with religions – its followers express unquestioned faith, intolerance for other ideas (Waterfall is the devil, EVERYONE should be trained in SAFe), and its praises will drown its criticisms (its not a problem of the framework –  you are justContinue reading “Scaled Agile does not cure the lack of engineering maturity”