12 questions that I get asked the most about social media

A lot of people know me primarily through social media – this blog ( and SAP blogs in past) , LinkedIn , Facebook and Twitter . This has generally been a net positive experience for me .

I have been stopped for conversations at airports around the world by random folks. I have walked into meetings with clients where they knew my point of view from my social media posts and hence felt like they knew me already . I was quite active in training and showing dogs till few years ago – I keep in touch with them on Facebook . I have hired quality talent , and made great friends over LinkedIn and Twitter . Just last week a guy who went to college with me and stayed at the same hostel in India – he was in Phoenix for a conference and looked me up on LinkedIn . We had lunch at my house and caught up after a few decades . The list goes on and on – and it more than makes up for the handful of terrible experiences I have had on social media .

I routinely get asked a bunch of questions about my views on social media and how I use it – mostly by people who want to learn , but occasionally also to just imply that they don’t think very highly of it

So I thought why not just address the common questions here .

1. You seem to have a lot of time to be active on social media . Don’t you have a real job ? I can barely keep up with my day job

Contrary to popular belief , I do have a real job and that needs my full attention 🙂 . However , over time I have figured out how to integrate social media into my daily routine . I generally use social media only on my phone – including for long form blogging. That saves a lot of time .

A lot of what I write about is of course regarding my day job . The conversations I have with my clients and colleagues and people I meet on my travels are usually the triggers for my posts .

We always find time for what we like and prioritize . I like to eat Indian food and don’t mind driving 10 miles extra to find an Indian restaurant . Another person might like working out daily and will spend that time running or finding a gym. “I don’t have time” translates usually to “it’s not important for me”.

2. Aren’t you worried about what you say openly in public domain ? Does your manager yell at you for writing something ?

I only talk about my personal views – and usually only about things where I have a strong point of view. So I don’t feel any worry . If I suspect people will mistake it as my employer’s opinion – I state upfront that it is just my views . It has worked well for me so far . I also have no problem standing corrected in public when proven wrong .

Thankfully none of my managers have ever yelled at me for blogging (they do so occasionally for others things) – and have only encouraged me to do so . And I have been their mentor a few times to ease them into social media.

3. Do you have a time table for social media ?

No I don’t blog or tweet at set times . I say something whenever I feel inspired to do that . I don’t check what times I should post to make biggest impact . I don’t aim to get a certain minimum number of page views. I do check statistics on my blog when WordPress alerts me and it’s usually something like “20% of what I write get 80% of views” . Time tables and fine tuned analytics work for many bloggers I know personally – I just haven’t taken that route yet .

4. How do we get started on blogging , twitter etc ?

I can only say how I progressed . My primary use then and now is as a source of curated information . I read at least 10x what I write . Then I started commenting on blogs that I started following . It took me a couple of years to have the confidence to write a blog myself – that was on SAP SCN site . A few years later I figured I have things to say that have nothing to do with SAP – so I started this blog on WordPress .

Twitter use has evolved over time . I use it less and less these days to say something . But it’s still one of the best places to get information . I only follow 150 people there and I think close to 9000 people follow me . Some folks think it’s rude to not follow back . I ignore that policy – I can’t stay on top of a feed any bigger than what I have now . I keep changing the list every now and then .

5. Do you only talk about work ?

Hell no ! I write about anything around me – politics , religion , economics , cricket, dogs … whatever inspires me is a fair topic . Some folks aim for depth on any one topic like Technology . That’s not my approach – all topics that interest me are fair game .

I try to not deviate from work related stuff on LinkedIn . But the truth is all popular social media platforms now have content overlap . You can use the controls they provide to tune your experience to some degree but it’s hard to completely set hard boundaries . I do have a handful of work friends on Facebook for example – and it has not stopped me from expressing what I have to say .

6. Do you take a break from social media ?

Yes I do ! Throughout the year , I take a few months off each channel I use . At the moment, I am out of Facebook . I delete the app on my phone to prevent the temptation to take “a quick look”. These breaks are one reason I continue using these platforms over the years . It also gives me time to read more books !

And there are a few months every year when I just can’t find any inspiration to blog . I have considered just giving it up altogether . But then magically one day I feel like it again and I open the app. The opposite also happens occasionally – I will post multiple blogs back to back .

7. What does success look like ?

For me , engagement is the big prize . When people comment and share and email me about something I wrote – I feel I did something worthwhile . Page views are a feel good metric too – and over the years a lot of page views happen for reasons I can’t always explain rationally . Some of the blogs that I thought I wrote terribly have had the most views – and sometimes even the most comments .

I push all my blogs to LinkedIn and twitter . And if I see someone tweeting or sharing , I will retweet or like. That’s the extent to which I promote . I don’t do any active SEO etc . As the networks have increased over time for me in various channels , I do get more people reading and commenting .

8. How long should a blog be ?

I am a minimalist by nature and quite lazy . So I try to use the minimum words to state my point of view. English is not my first language – so I don’t always succeed . Since I read most blogs on my phone, I tend to favor shorter blogs . There are amazing bloggers who do 5000+ words on average – I don’t have it in me to do that . 1000 to 2000 words is the most I can do.

9. Does someone review what you write ?

Not at all . I am kind of ashamed to admit this – but I also don’t do any proof reading or spell checks . When I finish typing, I hit publish . My wife usually spots errors when she sees it on her feed and routinely criticizes me on not being more careful . Generally this has worked for me so far so I don’t think I am going to change it . On the flip side – this is my biggest fear about writing a book . The process of professional editing scares the crap out of me 🙂

Strangely – I am fanatic about proof reading every document I create at work .

10. Who is your target audience ?

This may not come across very well – but the truth is – I write for myself . I like to believe someone other than me and my mother will find what I write to be useful – but as I mentioned before , only a relatively small proportion of what I write evoke any reaction from my readers . I am cool with that . When I do get feedback , I incorporate it as much as I can the next time I write .

11. Has blogging helped your career ?

Oh yes , without a doubt . While it’s hard to make a specific attribution – blogging and tweeting has generally been quite helpful in making me stand out at work. And as I said before – knowing my POV through my writing has generally been a help in my interactions with clients and business partners . To the best of my recollection – I have never been promoted or given a raise because of what I do in social media . I have been asked this a lot over the last decade . Career progression has historically been generally all tied to traditional metrics likes sales and delivery numbers and people management and so on . But indirectly , social media has only helped my case .

12. Do you use your blog to evangelize your employers products and services ?

In general, I don’t . I don’t think I sound credible pimping what we sell . However – I am very proud of where I work and what we do . So that might occasionally reflect in what I say . There are a few notable exceptions to this . Last year, an analyst criticized Watson in his report and I felt strongly that it was unfair – so I posted a rebuttal in my blog . I did explicitly state though that I am an executive at IBM and I own stock in the company . I have also written about SAP HANA when I worked at SAP Labs in the engineering team .


Published by Vijay Vijayasankar

Son/Husband/Dad/Dog Lover/Engineer. Follow me on twitter @vijayasankarv. These blogs are all my personal views - and not in way related to my employer or past employers

7 thoughts on “12 questions that I get asked the most about social media

    1. Its more a case of my readers being kind people who forgive the lapses I make. Typing on phone – I also don’t know exactly how I became good at it, but it has been a life saver. Helps my efficiency a ton


  1. Vijay
    Great post and kudos to being real and staying true to the discourse on thoughts and ideas across all things interesting in life…. it is what makes the medium social and relevant as opposed to promotional .

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  2. This is a very interesting read. I have been reading your blogs for some years now and have rarely commented. I cannot get myself to write a blog on my phone. Very impressed that you can do it.

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