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Yesterday someone mentioned that SAP changed its logo again . Dennis Howlett even posted a blog saying he loved it . http://diginomica.com/2014/10/22/digibyte-new-gold-sap-logo/

Den says the logo looks masculine , gold is an unusual color (to me it looks like an orange not gold ) and will get more attention and that the cross bar of A looks more like a smilie now . I don’t disagree with any of that

What I don’t understand is – what is the outcome SAP expects from this logo change ? Will it make more customers click on SAP digital content? Will there be more leads for SAP ? How does this change connect to Bill’s theme of simple ?

Logo does look beautiful and I want to congratulate its designer . Personally I preferred the old Blue , but that is just my taste . But I have no idea how it adds value to SAP or its customers . Would be great if a marketing expert could explain it . I am not saying this is a bad logo – just that it has picked my curiosity seriously . It’s a non trivial undertaking for a company like sap to roll out a new logo . I am just looking to understand the rationale of doing this .


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6 thoughts on “Logo changes

  1. It doesn’t work. SAP’s logo was linked to the prism-like shape in blue. You want to kill your past SAP, you are killing yourself. Blue is professional. SAP’s prism was instantly recognizable in the distance. The new logo has no shape, reflects a new SAP with only one idea in mind: fill some pockets with GOLD.


  2. This is what i think ,

    There is a saying “Old is Gold ” . It may be 42 years old but it provides value to customers as much as Gold ! It is a signal of big shift to “cloud” and to be “simple” .


  3. I personally like the blue one better…I remember the logo was changed a few years back to the light blue one from the dark blue one. What is the purpose of changing logos every 4-5 years? Not sure what is the message with the new gold logo. I personally was very surprised to see that and my next thought was “gee….SAP will have to rebrand everything- from the t-shirts in the company store to the employees’ batches and the logos on the buildings of SAP offices throughout the world. What a waste of money!!! Unless there is a higher purpose of all this I cannot see….


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