It is hard being a sales leader

Off late, I have run into a lot of highly stressed out sales leaders – at work, at airport lounges and at assorted other places including at customer sites. It is real hard being a successful sales leader. In most jobs, if you do well in current role – you are generally setting up yourselfContinue reading “It is hard being a sales leader”

Acid test for leaders – a good night’s sleep!

How do we figure out if we are leading people as opposed to getting in their way ? Reason for the question is – if we can’t figure it out , we can’t change our course and do better . Yet, being critical of oneself is the hardest thing to do – definitely the caseContinue reading “Acid test for leaders – a good night’s sleep!”

What can corporate peeps learn from chimpanzees ?

Let me tell you a story A scientist wanted to test how well Chimpanzees take care of each other and devised an experiment to test his hypothesis . He put a little chimp and his mother into a huge tall glass jar . And then he started pouring water into it . As the waterContinue reading “What can corporate peeps learn from chimpanzees ?”