Some Hindi Songs Were Created For Software Industry

Common man loves these songs for their music , romantic nature and a million other reasons – and that included me till 2 days ago . I was on a flight from NY to NE early in the morning , and my iPhone chose to play me some Hindi songs . And probably because I had severe insomnia -I started connecting them to life in the software industry .

Here goes half a dozen – If you like it , I have another half dozen or more that I will post .

1. Aye Ajnabi

I am convinced this is the song for QA engineers who desperately are looking for bugs . They just want the bug to shout out to them and get them out of their misery

2. Awara hoon

What do software peeps hate the most ? I bet it is reorganization of teams repeatedly . I could totally imagine a reorged (that is a word that needs to be added to dictionary) person not feeling the love singing “Khar bar Nahin , sansar Nahin , mujch se kisi ko pyar Nahin ”

3. Mein pal do pal ka shayar hoon

Half the life of product teams are spent in convincing management that they have a bright idea that needs investment . This is true in start ups and big companies alike . And vast majority never get that approval and I can totally see them singing this , while they cry the self to sleep

4. Dum maro dum

When things get done , in many cases it happens because individuals got it done despite the “system” and not because of the system. And then they party like there is no tomorrow . I have seen people cry uncontrollably in a few cases – which are tears of joy .

5. Chalte chalte

Software peeps are living examples of great job mobility – especially engineers. The good ones never burn bridges – their swan song usually is about nostalgia and romance of good times . Occasionally they will make you wonder why would anyone leave if life was so good with old job. When I left IBM , a guy who worked for me sent me a text “hum laut aayenge, Tum yoohi bulate rahna” 🙂

6. Kabhi kabhi

Software world has a lot of people who are strongly attached at an emotional level to old technology, old methodologies and so on . It is very personal – and I have heard guys talk about old technology which will make a by stander wonder if he is getting nostalgic about his high school sweetheart . This is not a guy thing either – I have many woman colleagues who feel the same way too


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