Still In Doubt About BW on HANA ? Ask Steve Lucas and Vijay in Global Webinar on September 5th, 2012

From the day HANA was announced, people in SAP ecosystem have been trying to find a crisp answer to “Does HANA replace BW? “. Countless blogs and tweets have been posted about that topic, as well as Q&A sessions, emails and so on. Guess what – that doubt still lingers . Not a week passes without someone asking me this question .  Of course that is not the only question – people want to know why they should migrate to BW on HANA, what is the process to do that and so on.

After one of such twitter conversations where many people restarted this conversation, Steve Lucas and I got together to figure out what is the best way to answer this once and for all.  Mico Yuk suggested a public webinar – along the lines of her “All Access” ones.  In fact, Mico did such a session with Steve last week or so which I unfortunately could not participate in due to other commitments.  Apparently, there was not enough time to get through all the questions.  That I fully believe is the case with HANA – I have had day long workshops with clients, and there will usually still be more questions at the end.

Steve and I are holding a Global Webinar on September 5th, 2012 at 1PM EST to try to tackle this issue.  SAP Insider will be hosting this event. Please join us and ask whatever questions you have on this topic. We are not planning to do this as a presentation with lots of slides. There probably will be a couple of slides just to introduce the topic, speakers and so on, but the intention is to make this as interactive as we can.  The intention is to let you ask questions and we will try to answer. If we cannot find you a good answer on the spot, we will follow up with a follow up blog to get to those.

Here is where you can register for the event.

I am sure a lot of you already know Steve (especially Steve) and me – but in case you do not, please check the above link for a brief on our profiles.

If you leave your questions on this blog as a comment, I will make sure we discuss those in the webinar. Of course, you could also ask  live during the webinar.

I am looking forward to the webinar next Wednesday .  Lets have some fun, and hopefully put at least the “Does HANA replace BW ?” question to bed  🙂



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3 thoughts on “Still In Doubt About BW on HANA ? Ask Steve Lucas and Vijay in Global Webinar on September 5th, 2012

  1. Hello Vijay, though I am one of the missed flight person for the webcast due to time zone, i look forward for the link of recording of the entire session. That would defenitely help to unlock the million question.
    Please provide the link. Thanks, Suresh


  2. Hi Vijay, Thanks for the blog and invite.Even I have wondered many a times the million $ question – “Will HANA replace BW?” if yes, then why is SAP giving so many options(or can I say confusion)for customers by coming up with multiple Business Analytic solutions – BW,BWA and latest HANA.With emergence of HANA,do we still have a USP for BW and BWA? While I will try my best to attend the live webcast, since am in IST timezone am a lil skeptical.However, I look forward to participate in the webcast, if not to your upcoming blogs for answers to these questions.


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